20 August, 2016 21:52

Are you fiercely attacking life?

Are you actively engaged in being mindful about living your dream? I’m surrounded with (and write books for) world changers, so chances are if you’re getting this message the answer is yes.

Stay with me here.

This is just a little reminder. A wake up call. If you watch one video the remainder of this year, it should be this one. This is about a world changer who reminds us to be mindful about life.

What dreams have you left on the table because subconsciously, you think or feel that it’s too late? What dreams have you walked away from because of pain, lack of money, or the belief that you don’t have the confidence or time or income to achieve them?

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Here are the 3 tips, to live your dream. I want to ignite you today! Please write me after you watch the video about this amazing man, even if we haven’t met or talked in years. I want to know if this impacted your beliefs even for one moment. If it inspired you in any way.

The message? It’s never too late. My friend Joel Small wrote a book called “Face to Face Leadership, that is a part of his incredible legacy and it’s no surprise that his mother is a great leader too. She started writing books and got her MBA and traveling the world in her 80s. Imagine if we could leave a legacy like that to inspire our own kids to leave theirs.

What if you could redirect every dead dream you’ve let go of? Some dreams are just a product of our imagination, and we might let go of them easily, but sometimes there’s a burning dream that we have not birthed because subconsciously we’ve given up.
Wang Shun gets it.


Wow. Powerful world-changer.

Three tips!
Step 1: watch the video above and schedule it to watch once a month. Add it to your calendar to do. Watch a TED talk a week, while you’re at it. Minimum one talk. Be intentional about filing your mind with positive videos.

Step 2: make your dream list. Leave nothing off!

Step 3: take a step every day to think like Wang does by living your dream. Remember, he’s 80. With the body of a 35 year old and the healthy mindfulness of a successful man.

Dream! Let go of the what ifs!

Tammy Kling
OnFire Books

8 February, 2016 00:20

Two things you and lady Gaga have in common

All it took was 60 seconds for Lady Gaga to change her image. In one moment she went from The crazy train to elegance and beauty.

It wasn’t just her looks, either.

It was her poise, and the way she belted out the song before Super Bowl. It was the way she still kept her authentic beauty. She changed her image in one moment and guess what, she’s not a sellout.

With sparkly red eyeshadow and glittery nails, she added those unique touches that only she can do.

But she just increased her engagement requests, new media opportunities and street credibility – and opened many other doors.

Her performance reminded me of the new culture we are creating at my company, OnFire Books. Www.onfirebookswritingcompany.com

We had gotten a little too far with the freedom-based model maintaining that we were writers, and now we’ve shifted to a culture of elegance, in conjunction with the Ritz Carlton leadership training program. We have a new dress code and it involves pantsuits exactly like Lady Gaga wore. Our leaders will go to the Ritz Carlton excellence program. At first I was concerned that the pantsuits might be a throwback to the 80s. Let’s just say that today, any concern has vanished. Pantsuits are hip. The new thing.

Her performance reminds me that we all have two things in common with Lady Gaga.

Number one, you can change your image if you want to. See it claim it, be it.

Number two, might just get you a lot further to elevate your personal brand than you already are.

In what ways could you elevate yourself as a speaker, author, parent, or entrepreneur? If you’re not sure please ask us. We coach world changers through the 1% program through it every day. What does it mean to be a 1% er?

It means you can build a personal image and authentic lifestyle that sets you apart as a leader who changes lives.

27 October, 2015 13:24

What would you do?

If you’ve ever watched the show, “what would you do?” You know that humans on camera are set up with a complex ethical equation, and we get to watch then make a choice. I first met the host of that show, John Quinones, on an airplane to Latin America.

We were both headed there for the same thing – to observe and work an airplane crash. But we were on opposite teams. I was the crisis worker who made him put his cameras away so that he couldn’t film the wreckage. He was the news guy chasing the story.

His current show makes you think… About your own choices.

I have had relationships begin and others end – because of a humans personal choice. I witnessed a man holding a baby in an orphanage in Romania and I married him.

I witnessed a CEO client who owns four homes, two lamborghinis and a jet tell a homeless man he was a bum and I fired him. He wanted a library of books. I wasn’t interested.

Yesterday I encountered a Romania gypsy (as the locals call them) on the street outside target with her child. Target, in suburban America.
Her sign said: please help. Hungry. Need money.
They looked like this.

A year prior I had seen a similar looking family on a completely different street corner in a different city. My heart went out to them – the entire family of five – and I brought them home to my house and gave them a meal, a talk, a prayer, and money and sent them on their way.

Later that week I read an article where the writer reported about bands of Romanian gypsies staying at hotels and how it was a scam, and they stood on street corners and traveled through cities taking money from people. They often use their kids, to tug at your heart. Wow. I thought at the time. It wasn’t random.
My eyes were opened.

Yesterday when I saw the mother and child
as I was leaving the store I stopped.
Looked her in the eye. Their eyes are a greenish hazel. Like the color of the national geographic poignant photo.

Buna! I said joyfully.
Her eyes lit up and she smiled a beautiful smile, missing and cracked teeth.
“Buna!” She said back.
“You’re from Romania!” I said confidently.
“Da, da,” she nodded excitedly – amazed that I knew.
“Te u besc,” I said, offering her the food in my cart. I bagged up the extra food into two bags and handed one to her and the other to her young daughter.

Now what’s really wild about that, is that I had bought double food of almost everything.
And things we never eat. Double cupcakes double burgers double soda. I definitely don’t those things. As I was checking out, I said; why did I buy double? As I walked out of the store I knew why.

Can I bless you? I asked.
I put my hand on her head and her child’s head and gave them a big positive blessing in Romanian and walked away.
That child noticed. The look in her eyes was pure gratitude and amazement. The love and gratitude of an innocent child.

Not only did they get food, but that kid got a huge bag of candy, cupcakes, and every junk food treat a kid could want!

What if it was a so called scam? Well, obviously it was. It wasn’t their first time doing it.

What if we reframed our desire for so called justice? What if we focused on abundance in that moment – and being a shining example. That child will either grow up a beggar or make a decision to be like me and work hard to change the world.

Humans are humans. We all need to eat.
It’s only my role to be the light and deliver words – that change lives.

It’s one thing to do that when there’s a stranger in need. But an entirely different thing to set aside your ego and pride and do it all over again when you have read that the stranger in need begs for a living, and that it’s their job. Some people would lecture or shame them. Others will say, “you’re enabling them. Teach them a lesson!”

Many people I know would think, “haha I know these people. They’re con artists” and proceed to give them a verbal beat down in front of their child. It never occurred to me to do that.

No one was watching and the kids weren’t with me. There was no reason for my giving except giving.

You’ve got double.
More than enough.
Give, and give without even asking why.
Because whether you realize it or not, someone once gave to you in your time of need – without asking questions.

Tammy Kling

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;

26 May, 2015 06:27


Warrior: I love the breakdown of the word.

War. I. or.

(Or what?)

If you break down the word, you see War first, which is what life sometimes feels like. There are times you war for your soul, your family, your relationships. And, you. When your health and fitness takes a backseat – nothing else feels right.

Or what? The or in the word warrior,
is a reminder of what we don’t want to happen when we are not taking our rightful position as a warrior.


I recently started back running the trail after a car accident on a mountain, a torn sartorious, (Google it) a year of injury, and ten pounds gained.

Today I was inspired by the Reebok spartan race series. How can you not feel like a warrior when you see a poster like this?

I dusted off my first pair of Reebok trail shoes ever – the ones that replaced my old running shoe that I shalt not name – and fell in love again.

Is it time to get your inner Warrior back?

I always say there are 3 simple steps to doing it.
1. Lace up
2. Set a big goal
3. Move every day

By lace up, I mean, buy yourself some cool shoes. I find that when I invest in the gear, I’m committed to the process. Get the gear you want, and lace up everyday.

One great goal is a race. Go to www.spartan.com enter the code Memorial –

and join me in signing up for a race. Save the date, print the information sheet, and tape it to your refrigerator.

There’s nothing like a big goal to get you in shape for summer, and Spartan has a big Memorial Day discount. I’m on a mission to get stronger and fitter. For me the I in warrior, means I only have to compete with myself.