Would You Say “Yes” to Media?

Would you say yes to media? Executives, CEOs and writers have to think carefully about it. Not everyone loves public attention. When the Discovery channel called about my book, I flew to Miami to film. Producers set up in a high rise hotel and the topic was crisis management. Would you say yes? Overall the media experience has been fun, for this introvert. This year I’ve said yes to 5 interviews and four conference key notes. You’ve got to be ready to break out and say yes to life enriching moments outside your comfort zone.

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;

20 February, 2015 02:30

I met this little boy.

If you saw him, what would you think or feel?

I didn’t feel sad.
I didn’t question his joy or life and I didn’t feel sorry for him.

Because I saw him,

in the eyes of who he had become.

I met him in his twenties…

And I took my own kids along with him to watch him speak.

We stood backstage, or in the audience, and we often hugged people with him. We went to high schools and stadiums and watched him on stage alongside some of the great leaders of the world. We watched Nick Vujicic change lives.

I watched him fall in love
in my living room,
with my sweet, beautiful friend.

And grow a family …

Imagine the courage, the confidence, the strength.

To take your biggest life challenge,
and turn it into your testimony….

That little boy, with no limits in his mind, speaks to audiences of 700,000, swims, plays golf, kicks all of our butts in soccer, and surfs, sails, and coaches leaders of nations.

What are your limits?

Remember that they’re only in your mind!

Live your dream today.
Be unstoppable.

What’s Your Prison

What’s your prison?

A woman called and asked me to help her tell her story. I’m used to those calls. But this one was different. "I’m headed to prison," she said. "I live in suburbia and I have two kids. But I’m headed to prison."

When I woke up this morning I thought of her.

Tonight I’ll be in my comfy bed under my down comforter and she won’t. She will wake up in an uncomfortable cement cell surrounded by strangers. She will likely view concertina outside her window, if she has a window, as a reminder that freedom is impossible.

Concertina is the round wire on top of prison walls and fences, and it’s designed to rip your body to shreds should you decide to climb over.

One more layer of separation, between you and the free world.

Last night when we met, I sat on her couch in her elegant estate and talked with her family members. We discussed life and choices and the future. "Look at this as the ultimate journey of growth," I told her, and I encouraged her to try to mentor others on the inside, and to write each day and focus on the words she would want her children to hear and understand. She’s a beautiful blonde and as I looked at her having her last glass of wine, it was hard to imagine her in prison wear doing time.

Some wake up less free than the inmates behind bars.

What’s your prison?

Some wake up today in mansions, but there’s concertina all around. Addiction, abuse, bad habits, stress, or a job that’s killing them slowly.

If there’s any reason you’re not free,
Eliminate the dross and escape. If you can’t escape – find lessons for growth.

But more than anything, make a commitment to freedom.

Freedom requires eliminating anything that keeps you in bondage. Be free.

Let’s Change the World

Normally I write about adventure and running mountains or trails. But today I’m writing about love, and the adventure of life itself.

It’s Valentine’s Day week and it’s a season to think about love.

There are so many opportunities to give love and change lives.

One of the most amazing adventures in love for me has been giving back, creating a company that restores homeless families, and raising kids that change lives. I gotta say, it was all one big surprise to me.

It’s a reminder that when you set out on your journey of life, be open to anything and more than anything be ready to step into your calling.

My calling is as a mom and a writer. I put Reed first because I told my son one day that my life’s purpose was to raise him and he said, “No mom I don’t think that’s true. Your life’s purpose is to change the world.”


With every role in life, there is a bonus it seems. No matter what you do in life, there’s always so much more than you expect.

What’s your life’s purpose?

Sometimes you know it and other times you haven’t yet found it. If there is a grind or angst in your soul, you know that you’re not yet where you want to be and maybe something has to change.

I had to let go of a lot and completely redesigned my life in order to have the life I have today.

Being a mom has been the most rewarding an amazing adventure of my life. I did not expect that they would teach me so much more than I have taught them.

Writing books for world changers, has been a blessing when it comes to parenting. In the backseat one day I heard my son say to his brother, “Don’t have an attitude of scarcity. Have an attitude of abundance!”

A hilarious repeat of what he heard one of my motivational clients say on stage.

So much for stressing about work life balance and whether or not I am giving enough time and energy and character trait lessons to the kids. They are surrounded by great lessons, and when you and I live out an example of excellence, they see it and hear it too.

I make it a point to try to surround them with amazing and positive world changers.

On another day they got to learn about an amazing organization that feeds millions of kids worldwide, feeding children everywhere.


And all year long, they get to participate in our book drops to underprivileged children to help advance literacy and help children heal by telling their stories.


The point is, life was not always this way. I used to have a job and live for myself after I graduated from college. But giving back is much more fulfilling.


One of the best things about being an author is that you have the power to change lives with your words. Writing is my calling and my gift, but there are a lot of other things that I’m not gifted at. I’m not good at math, and I’m not good at spreadsheets at all but I’m very good at helping people communicate their legacy and message.

What is your calling?

Words Are Currency

“I haven’t forgotten about you for thirty years.”

Those words touched my soul.

I got a call today from a girl I don’t know.

This girl said the statement above.

She said she never forgot me because of a moment in a classroom, years ago. I did not remember this moment.

It was in high school.

She said she was poor, and that I talked to her and a guy nearby said;
“Look at her she doesn’t have any friends and she’s trying to make friends with Tammy.”
She said she remembered this forever

She reached out to me today.

She said words are currency. And I showed her how much she was worth.

If there was any good thing from high school it was this.


Words are currency.
Indeed! They are.

I hear these stories from time to time and they touch my life.

Reach out today. You never know how much the little things matter.


I woke up from the dream today crying.
It had been years since that has happened.
As a child I always woke up that way.

Last night I was in my zone, a writers dream, alone by the fire working on a new book, until 5am. Those moments are gold. A gift.

In the dream, which startled me awake at 9a, someone knocked on my door and handed me an envelope. On the front was the handwriting of my father. The one who raised me. Roger Earl Kling – it said on the envelope.
It was exactly his handwriting, which is so interesting now, awake, recalling it. His handwriting was so unique. Square abstract edges. Nothing round about it. I knew that this was a letter to me that he intended me to read after he died.

Sometimes dreams are just dreams.
And sometimes they’re more
It actually kind of bugs me when someone tries to place their earthly wisdom on mine.

I’ve been writing a letter a day to my kids for that very purpose. And I have them in a private place, a blog. This desire stemmed from my own biological father, who shot himself when I was seven. I had always dreamt that perhaps he left me a letter. But he didn’t.

See, I know the significance of my dream.

It’s the same dream I had in the day light, when I daydreamed all those years as a child that I’d find my father again, or his letter. Subconsciously it’s about unrequited love.

Don’t place too much emphasis on dreams.
But do. Write them down. Ask for truth and how it applies to your own life, and move on.

If I focused on unrequited love and chasing the things I didn’t have, I’d be like a lot of the homeless people and also some other humans I know: homeless in my heart.

But I’m not.

I’m honored to remember my father(s) today, but I’m leaving my legacy, of love.

Don’t be homeless in your heart.

Don’t chase the things you can’t have by looking back, and mourning unattainable mysteries. Take your lessons, weave them into your legacy and move on.

Dream new dreams.

Invest: How Your Words Will Change Lives This Year


I’m going to challenge you to really push the limits on investing this year. You’re going to invest in others, and invest in yourselves in ways you never imagined.

What if I told you that by doing this, you will invest twice as much as you ever have before and you will earn twice as much as you ever had before? I know this to be true.

One of the world changers I work with gives away 20,000 books a year.

He sells a lot more than that and he’s a multimillionaire. But when you meet him that’s not the first thing that you see. When you meet him you notice how he gives a high-level view of peoples lives and businesses that helps them strategize their future, and put together the pieces of the puzzle perfectly. He’s a world changer, and he is the coach to many successful CEOs. Aside from that, he has raised two amazing daughters. Please

Before you think that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, let me set the record straight. He was bankrupt, when he decided to change his life. He became a speaker, and today he gives away 20,000 books a year. I learned from him. He is one of my early mentors. I think that the big man upstairs must know that I needed a lot more babysitting then other people, because I was a little rebellious, but a lot of great people have been placed in my life. And now today, it’s the same way with you. If this wild stallion can be tamed, or at least pointed in the right direction in order to change lives, anyone can.

I’m going to challenge myself to think higher in 2015 about how I can use words each and every day. One goal is to write a love letter a day to my children in 2015. It might seem hard but it’s really not. When you brush your teeth, take a moment to put a notepad in the bathroom and write a simple letter.

Use your words.

Invest in others.