First-quarter is almost behind us and now it’s time to think about spring. Easter bunnies and peeps and flowers.

How well have you executed your 2015 plan?


Now is the time to work on your dreams. Consider this a little dose of inspiration.

Whatever you want to do, just do it. Start making the plan today.

You deserve fullness, adventure, joy and abundance.


9 March, 2015 13:45

F is for Freedom

Chapter 4 excerpt:
From the book: Freedom
by Tammy Kling

Is there a part of you that isn’t free?

My father chose to live 30 something years.

While I fight for every breath and extra year on this planet to be a strong influence in my kids lives, I can’t pretend to understand a decision like that.

But I’m free from it.

My father was handsome, charismatic, intelligent, insightful and popular.
But he was not free.

In a moment when he could not find hope, he had no tools to solve his problems or to consider that perhaps there’s more to life than what we can see.

This is his high school letter. Today I’ll redefine what it means.

F, is for Freedom.

No matter who you are, at some point you’ve sought out the answers to the meaning of life.

The greatest philosophers and authors have searched for it since the beginning of time.
Often the most intellectual men have been unaware of things they cannot see.
Yet others, grasp it even if it is in their final hour.

Is there something more? A scientist ponders. He suspects there is, but his data doesn’t prove it.
This theory has always perplexed me, as I wondered, does he fall in love? Love is intangible. Invisible. Complex. Supernatural yet difficult to explain. We cannot see it. Not literally. We can only see the expression of it.

Winston Churchill, Edison, and some of the greatest warriors or thinkers in the world, were driven by a desire to grasp human understanding of the supernatural.

I’ve seen it in this life too, how the great men who have come to a place of end in chasing materialism, often gain the greatest supernatural abilities.

King David, became a warrior who had the power of God after a season of murder and debauchery with women. David eventually evolved into a higher state, after he realised there was more than the materialism or raw pleasures of daily life.
He had reached the end of himself, which was only the beginning.

When you reach for the intangible, you grasp the things that other men cannot see.

For many great men, this often comes either at the end of their lives or in the midst of a life of self imposed chaos.

Often only the stripping away of the luxuries or an abundance of it can reveal the truths of the unseen.

Look at the last words of the dying men that “the world” defined as great.

Steve Jobs;
“Oh wow.”

Thomas Edison:
‘It’s very beautiful over there’.

John Green the author of Looking for Alaska wrote;
I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful.

Solomon, the richest man that ever lived, had more wealth than Branson or Buffett, with more property and followers and acclaim than anyone and yet eventually came to the end of himself with the thinking;
“Everything is meaningless!”
in Ecclesiastes.

In that profound book, which is written more poetically than the writings of Aristotle or any of the greatest philosophers, Solomon
arrived at the realization that whatever we are striving for is nothing compared to the ultimate unseen power that God can fuel a warrior with. After his season of distress and contemplation, he came out a wise and unstoppable warrior.

It’s the 1% that arrive at that location.

How many mere mortals can declutter their lives of such things in order to say no to the things most men say yes to? How many men can hang onto a faith in hope –
when they’re hopeless?

How many mere mortals have the vision to laser focus on accessing an unseen power most of their friends do not have?

Winston Churchill, known as one of the greatest world leaders – had a way of observing others.
He once said
“Now this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps,
the end of the beginning.”

Freedom comes when you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and you have faith even when you don’t. Bondage comes when you get cluttered, confused, or locked up in indecision. Bondage is filled with noise and anxiety. Freedom is anxiety free.

At each milestone in our lives we must remember to pause. Take inventory. Why am I feeling distressed? What in me or around me is toxic?

Has the work or life or relationship season you were in ended? Have you even stopped to reflect on that truth?

Maybe you’ve evolved but you’re still stuck in an old life or addiction or job or destination not meant for you. Freedom only comes with progression. Bondage comes with chains that keep you linked and tethered.

You weren’t created to be tethered. Progression is a fluid part of becoming human.

Think of the evolution of an infant as you went through the growth of life in your mother’s womb.

Each month in the womb you evolved from a tiny seed to grow limbs. What you could not do in one month because you had no limbs, you could do in another month.

What you could not hear before you had ears and proper hearing, you could soon discern until eventually you could hear all of the sounds that were going on in the outside world.

At some point you gained sight.
At each of these stages it was a new season, and something that you did not have before.
Eventually you progressed out of the dark place into the light of this world. Freedom!

Today, your sight may be even greater than it was a month ago.

Your wisdom is sharper.

You may be able to see the unseen, and you might be able to see and hear things that you could not before.

So here’s the big question:
Have you let go of the habits or thoughts you had in that old season? The ones that don’t serve you well? Are you sharpening your spiritual sword, and seeing more than just material things?

John Adams died on the 4th of July. He did not know that Thomas Jefferson had just died. Adams last words;

Oh, yes; it is the glorious Fourth of July. It is a great day. It is a good day. God bless it. God bless you all. He then lapsed into unconsciousness; he awakened later, and mumbled, Thomas Jefferson…

Those were his last words. “Thomas Jefferson.”

Edgar Allen Poe was said to have lived at best an erratic life of lies and drunkenness. He died at 40 in a street, and his last words were “Lord help my poor soul!”

What will your last words be?
How about your legacy?
From my perspective, it’s a choice.

Without a doubt there are things unseen. Choose to focus on developing the currency inside of you like love, and the fruit of the spirit, such as joy, hope, and faith.

Be intentional about your legacy.

What kind of wealth will be left behind? Do you even define it the right way or is your definition a collegiate description of kindergarten riches linked to a bank account?

Be the rich one. Rich in your mind and soul, rejecting the drama and confusion.

Eliminate the dross, and let go of the things mere mortals do, to be more and see more.
Do not conform to the things of this world.

Freedom is a gift, for the free.


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I love this image because it says it all.

Be willing to go alone.

Even if you are social, and not a writer like me who loves to be curled up for hours on end in solitude, there are moments when you will have to go it alone. This might mean that you have to come up with a great idea, or solve a problem, or break out of a pattern in order to achieve something great.

Leaders often have to blaze a trail that isn’t there. This is the one thing I want to teach my kids. Know when to reach out and connect, but know when to go it alone. Do not conform to the things of this world, but be transformed instead.

Even if you’re surrounded by positive people, it doesn’t mean they will finish the race strong. Sometimes you just have to keep on going across the finish line whether it is achieving a life goal such as having a family, or whether it starting a new business or even writing a book.

Athletes know that training can be grueling and there’s nobody that can do it but you. At the end of the day it’s just you and your dedication and your body and your strength. And it’s the same way with most things in life. Know when to go it alone. That doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Some of the most successful and joyful people in the world are individuals who create things no one else can build. Take time to contemplate leadership and solitude.

Would You Say “Yes” to Media?

Would you say yes to media? Executives, CEOs and writers have to think carefully about it. Not everyone loves public attention. When the Discovery channel called about my book, I flew to Miami to film. Producers set up in a high rise hotel and the topic was crisis management. Would you say yes? Overall the media experience has been fun, for this introvert. This year I’ve said yes to 5 interviews and four conference key notes. You’ve got to be ready to break out and say yes to life enriching moments outside your comfort zone.

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;

20 February, 2015 02:30

I met this little boy.

If you saw him, what would you think or feel?

I didn’t feel sad.
I didn’t question his joy or life and I didn’t feel sorry for him.

Because I saw him,

in the eyes of who he had become.

I met him in his twenties…

And I took my own kids along with him to watch him speak.

We stood backstage, or in the audience, and we often hugged people with him. We went to high schools and stadiums and watched him on stage alongside some of the great leaders of the world. We watched Nick Vujicic change lives.

I watched him fall in love
in my living room,
with my sweet, beautiful friend.

And grow a family …

Imagine the courage, the confidence, the strength.

To take your biggest life challenge,
and turn it into your testimony….

That little boy, with no limits in his mind, speaks to audiences of 700,000, swims, plays golf, kicks all of our butts in soccer, and surfs, sails, and coaches leaders of nations.

What are your limits?

Remember that they’re only in your mind!

Live your dream today.
Be unstoppable.

What’s Your Prison

What’s your prison?

A woman called and asked me to help her tell her story. I’m used to those calls. But this one was different. "I’m headed to prison," she said. "I live in suburbia and I have two kids. But I’m headed to prison."

When I woke up this morning I thought of her.

Tonight I’ll be in my comfy bed under my down comforter and she won’t. She will wake up in an uncomfortable cement cell surrounded by strangers. She will likely view concertina outside her window, if she has a window, as a reminder that freedom is impossible.

Concertina is the round wire on top of prison walls and fences, and it’s designed to rip your body to shreds should you decide to climb over.

One more layer of separation, between you and the free world.

Last night when we met, I sat on her couch in her elegant estate and talked with her family members. We discussed life and choices and the future. "Look at this as the ultimate journey of growth," I told her, and I encouraged her to try to mentor others on the inside, and to write each day and focus on the words she would want her children to hear and understand. She’s a beautiful blonde and as I looked at her having her last glass of wine, it was hard to imagine her in prison wear doing time.

Some wake up less free than the inmates behind bars.

What’s your prison?

Some wake up today in mansions, but there’s concertina all around. Addiction, abuse, bad habits, stress, or a job that’s killing them slowly.

If there’s any reason you’re not free,
Eliminate the dross and escape. If you can’t escape – find lessons for growth.

But more than anything, make a commitment to freedom.

Freedom requires eliminating anything that keeps you in bondage. Be free.