The entrepreneurs are setting goals today.

For me, the last days of every year are about rest, restoration, goal setting and thinking. A lot.

How can I create more Margin time?

Time to create and write.

How can I do more chunking and “Stacking” (both complete opposite business actions) but more on that later.)

How can you and I celebrate everyone more with words? (See chapter 3: The Letter Tree.

As you consider 2018, or any New Year or Goal setting session, think on these things:

The secret to a happy life, is to make all of life come together like a beautiful symphony.

Create a life of peace.

Instead of separateness, or extremes in stress that create pressure, and a division between work obligations and family – the 4 quadrants of faith, family finances and fitness can all merge together as One.

The secret to a happy life is a life is to get back to who you are, instead of allowing the world’s influences to change you. To recapture that wide eyed wonder, instead of covering innocence or insecurities with achievement. Be innocent, and embrace insecure. In the age of wisdom, innocence is perhaps the most attractive quality of all.

Eliminate distraction as much as possible, in order to reclaim the hearts of your children. Instead of covering up their lives with endless activity driven by teachers in an institution, allow the discovery of self.

Allow the wealth inside their hearts and the creativity hidden inside their souls to emerge. Encourage their intellect, brains, and intelligence to expand by introducing them to global thoughts, videos and intentional talks, either through travel or books or videos right inside your own home.

Do not make school or work a chore, or a separateness, but instead celebrate your comings and going. Go to work joyfully, and celebrate that verbally. Create music and love and life in the home.

The home, should be your place of refuge. A place of simplicity and health, and laughter, where open minds and hearts dwell.

No matter the ages or stages, or size of it, every space you wake up in can become a magnificent treasure. Buy flowers. But if you can’t afford them, pick them, or plant a garden. Create a space of intentionality that celebrates the senses of sight, sound, and smell with deliberate areas that are conducive to paint, to write, to create, or to build.

Daily, live amongst angels with music emanating from the moment you awake. When you walk through those doors at night remember that you, set the temperature of your home.

Life should be like the most perfectly put together book. There are different chapters, but in the end they all flow as one.

From the book The 4 Quadrants

Tammy Kling

To your Legacy,


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Tammy Kling TEDx Talk “Words are currency”

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


24 July, 2017 11:31

It occurred to me whilst running yesterday that there’s a correlation between stress taking its toll on mental breakdown and the break up of a relationship. Breakup = breakdown.

The second thought that occurred is that it didn’t seem to matter the origin of the loss, (who broke up with whom) but the loss itself.

Could it be that two, even if broken, are better than one?

As I ran I pondered an elderly man I knew whose wife left him over a financial argument. They loved each other but she divorced him. He didn’t protest and continued on. Both had been funny, strong, and mentally sharp the last time I saw them. They remained friends, each other’s love, yet she moved, to be near the grandkids and last I heard both had declined into a state of chaotic dementia. The man often didn’t recognize where he was, and couldn’t be alone for any period of time.

In the span of my run, one man’s face popped up along with another and another. People who divorced yet years later were struggling to get by.

Could it be that relationship – is the one thing to fight for above perfection or whose right or wrong? When it comes to sanity, I see many unraveling before my eyes, from the murky depths of bad decisions.

The man who divorced his wife and kids to make a choice to live with another woman, blaming it on his wife’s alcoholism.

But after a year, the other woman found someone else. His texts to my husband are sadly incoherent, filled with pity and self focus, depicting someone wallowing in the stench of bad decisions. He complains endlessly about the world and how different he is from everyone else. He sends images of his daughters sad texts, where she tells him he’s self focused and not at all concerned about her or their family.
Could it be that the family, is better and stronger than One?

Isolation is a tool of the enemy.
Don’t be deceived into thinking alone ness is more valuable than the mess, clutter, inconsistencies, and colorful drama of a family.

My boys had a conference last week and told me they learned a powerful concept.

Wrong voices
Wrong choices.

By mile 2 of my run I had remembered 5 people who left their spouses. Some men, some women.

One thing I noticed in all of these people’s lives in the years prior when they were pondering it was – someone else.

Maybe not a member of the opposite sex – but someone else. A divorced friend, asking them to go out for drinks night after night, or texting advice. A single colleague at work. The singles boat party at the lake. Yet years later none of that helped put the pieces back together.

Wrong voices, wrong choices.

There’s a saying in life and business – that what you focus on is what you’ll get. Spend time with divorced people and you’ll likely be divorced. When you have a problem, where you put your energy matters. If you escape, you get pulled farther and farther away. If you focus inward, on the problem it’s much more likely the problem can be solved.

Here’s the first basic truth:
Life can be a struggle.

So if you’re struggling through something, struggle more.

Push through until there’s a breakthrough.

Unless you’re abused, shift your focus back to the two of you. To family. Finish what you started.

Consider for a moment the supernatural power of family.

Sure, there’s lots of choices in this world.
But give yourself a chance to be all in.

It may be a mess but it’s your mess.

I’m a writer, and every good story or movie plot has a tangled conflict that needs to be untangled. Batman, Ironman, Bourne Identity. You can’t have a hero without a crisis and no crisis is too big to conquer.

It’s in the struggle of straightening it out, that we find strength.

Eliminate outside voices. (Proverb 4:23) Guard your heart.

It might just be the best mental health decision you’ve ever made.

To your legacy,


Tammy Kling

OnFire Books Leadership Company

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Tammy Kling TEDx Talk “Words are currency”

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


Tammy Kling

OnFire Books Leadership Company

We equip world-changers

Tammy Kling TEDx Talk “Words are currency”

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


The Power of a Father

I can’t imagine anything more noble than a man who sacrifices everything for their family. A true father is a warrior – continually slaying dragons, and overcoming obstacles inside and out. To be a father in the truest sense of the word is an honor.

A father doesn’t simply contribute to the creation of life but actually invests in, and leads it. This type of warrior doesn’t give up. He understands the true meaning of, “train your child in the way they should go…”

What is a father?

Perhaps I’d be the last to know, since mine chose to leave this earth and his three children and obligations when I was seven. I remember missing his presence so many times, from the formal high school graduation ceremony, to father daughter dances, to dads weekend in college, or when my friend talked about the long trail runs she did with her dad.

Because I missed him, I turned that gaping wound into a daily mission instead, developing a company to help fathers become accountable in creating lasting and sustainable legacies.

Having a baby doesn’t make a great father, anymore than having a car makes you a great driver.

True fathering is about leadership.

Becoming a leader,
being a leader, and
raising leaders.

Today I pondered what I could do to celebrate fathers.

I had a wonderful step father who died a few years ago and there’s no one to visit or send a card to. I’ve considered going to a nursing home on Father’s Day, and being a daughter to a father who doesn’t have one. Somewhere I know there’s a daddy waiting for a visit that just won’t happen. Instead of longing for a father to celebrate, I can be a daughter for one who needs one.

Wherever you are that day, do me a favor and turn your pain and joy into purpose.

And if you’ve got a father to call your own, one of the best gifts you can give him is the gift of a healthy lifestyle. Keep him here on this planet as long as possible. Skip the typical brunch and sign yourself and your dad up for the Spartan race, to jumpstart his fitness.

The time comes when we lead, thanking him for all that he did for you.

Be a warrior.


Note: to sign up for a race use the code SPARTANDAD for 50% off gear, $69 races & 2 free digital books with any race purchase! https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1408/overview

To your legacy,

OnFire Books

Hope. and Fear.

What keeps you up at night?

I often feel like 2 completely different people.

During the day my name could be hope. With the rise of the sun I feel inspired and ready to inspire others. There’s no hint of fear, only possibility.

I counsel others to step off their ledge of fear into the field of joy! I field text messages, from suicidal girls, and homeless moms, who later tell me I saved their life. I teach how words are Currency and how it’s important to say the right ones to yourself.

Yet in the 3am darkness, I awake with worry, dormant fears, and a flood of concern. I feel like an opposite version of who I am. I become the human I coach. My joy stolen. I think of my kids, my parents, myself, and I wonder how I’ll take care of them all. I think of the flaws of ancestors, determined to overcome them.

“You are not your ancestors,” I hear myself say. Don’t live in fear and emotion.

“Old pain is an anchor,” I hear myself say, the same words I wrote years ago in the book The Compass.

I learn to talk myself over whatever perceived fears exist in the night and I get up, read something positive, pray, workout, get those endorphins going.

When you’re feeling hesitant, fearful or anxious – do. Don’t get stuck in toxic thoughts, or emotion. Get up and do.

I’ve learned that anything you’ve gone through in the past will prepare you for your future!

Step by step the experiences of our lives, help us get through the experiences of our lives.

Every day is a guaranteed sunrise again.

You may feel fear, but you are not fear.

I love signing up for trail runs because it offers hope. I can envision the moment, the dirt, the trees and the fresh air as I run like a child, with friends joining along. I will have to train in advance, getting endorphins and momentum and circulation and all the effects that come with the goal.

When you have a big goal, regardless of what it is, you have big hope. Set a big goal and aim for it. Each and everyday you’ll have to take a step towards it.

Chi Chi Rodriguez told me that you cannot have courage without fear. If you feel fearful accept it as a part of life and move on, courageously.

Focus on hope! You can do it, warrior. And I’m right here with you.

To your legacy,


Tammy Kling
OnFire Books Leadership Company

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Tammy Kling TEDx Talk “Words are currency”

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;

5 September, 2016 05:00

What’s the Buzz: about The Conversation?
(And Why you may never get a glimpse inside the most coveted event in the world.)

On September 23rd in a mythical forest lit up with mysterious blue lights, and ethereal music sung by angels, 100 world changers gather.

Not 1,000, and not 101, but 100.
NFL players, Nba players, legends, CEOs and other world changers.

If you’re lucky enough to be chosen as 1 of the 100, it will feel as if you have just been invited to Richard Branson’s Necker island, and you’re not sure why. But the event organizers are very sure. The committee that selects the attendees of The Conversation does its due diligence often a year in advance, tapping attendees based on one major requirement: you must be a world changer. And for that reason, even members of the prestigious Tiger 21 or EOY may not ever arrive, at The Conversation.

The Conversation is about legacy. It’s a convergence of a mastermind organization of high achieving influencers, only with a purpose. You cannot get in unless you’re focused on building a legacy. The best word to define it would be Impactpreneur. this word, invented by Hamad Shabazi, Ceo of TIO networks, brilliantly defines the entrepreneur who also has a business model centered on making an impact.

People like Samuel Bistrian, the Romanian Ceo of Roma boots, a company that gives back artistically beautiful works of art rubber rain boots to orphans. Thousands of orphans, refugees, and underprivileged kids who never had shoes now wear his boots all across the world.

So what do these world changers do at The Conversation?

They talk. Face to face, no cellphones, and no social media, the way the greats like Einstein, Henry Ford, Jesus, Napoleon Hill, Mother Teresa, and many other brilliant minds first created great ideas and businesses.

The Conversation is an exclusive, invitation only mastermind set around 4 specific circles in a forest. Due to the high profile attendees, the event is not publicized like other major events, and not promoted, except to say that some are 1 of the 100.

There’s golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez, Who was tapped for the event not because of his brilliance as a legend – literally the Mohammed Ali of golf – but for his passion and action giving back to orphans. Then there’s Jennifer Macalister who survived the Boston marathon bombing, almost getting blown up herself at the finish line, and yet now lives to tell the world about how and why it’s important to discover your life’s purpose.

There’s Stephanie Breedlove, who recently sold her startup for $55 million to care.com and first developed the tenacity to never give up as a college student, when a girl in her dorm stopped breathing. Stephanie performed CPR amidst the hysteria when no one else would – and didn’t stop even though her fellow student had passed away.

The focus and determination to save lives is what drives every member of The Conversation. And this is what makes it unique.
You cannot buy your way into The Conversation. You cannot even apply. Other advisory board groups are somewhat exclusive, however if your family name or business is big enough you’re in. That’s not the deal here. The Conversation committee turned down the Trump campaign request to attend because politics is not what it’s all about. The focus is on equipping influencers that change the world.

You can ask a friend, an existing member, or ping the website for information to express interest, but the only way to gain access is to become a world changer yourself. Now that’s a goal worth striving for.


OnFire Books

OnFire Books


As seen on Dateline, Oprah and TEDx
We equip world changers

20 August, 2016 21:52

Are you fiercely attacking life?

Are you actively engaged in being mindful about living your dream? I’m surrounded with (and write books for) world changers, so chances are if you’re getting this message the answer is yes.

Stay with me here.

This is just a little reminder. A wake up call. If you watch one video the remainder of this year, it should be this one. This is about a world changer who reminds us to be mindful about life.

What dreams have you left on the table because subconsciously, you think or feel that it’s too late? What dreams have you walked away from because of pain, lack of money, or the belief that you don’t have the confidence or time or income to achieve them?

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Here are the 3 tips, to live your dream. I want to ignite you today! Please write me after you watch the video about this amazing man, even if we haven’t met or talked in years. I want to know if this impacted your beliefs even for one moment. If it inspired you in any way.

The message? It’s never too late. My friend Joel Small wrote a book called “Face to Face Leadership, that is a part of his incredible legacy and it’s no surprise that his mother is a great leader too. She started writing books and got her MBA and traveling the world in her 80s. Imagine if we could leave a legacy like that to inspire our own kids to leave theirs.

What if you could redirect every dead dream you’ve let go of? Some dreams are just a product of our imagination, and we might let go of them easily, but sometimes there’s a burning dream that we have not birthed because subconsciously we’ve given up.
Wang Shun gets it.


Wow. Powerful world-changer.

Three tips!
Step 1: watch the video above and schedule it to watch once a month. Add it to your calendar to do. Watch a TED talk a week, while you’re at it. Minimum one talk. Be intentional about filing your mind with positive videos.

Step 2: make your dream list. Leave nothing off!

Step 3: take a step every day to think like Wang does by living your dream. Remember, he’s 80. With the body of a 35 year old and the healthy mindfulness of a successful man.

Dream! Let go of the what ifs!

Tammy Kling
OnFire Books

8 February, 2016 00:20

Two things you and lady Gaga have in common

All it took was 60 seconds for Lady Gaga to change her image. In one moment she went from The crazy train to elegance and beauty.

It wasn’t just her looks, either.

It was her poise, and the way she belted out the song before Super Bowl. It was the way she still kept her authentic beauty. She changed her image in one moment and guess what, she’s not a sellout.

With sparkly red eyeshadow and glittery nails, she added those unique touches that only she can do.

But she just increased her engagement requests, new media opportunities and street credibility – and opened many other doors.

Her performance reminded me of the new culture we are creating at my company, OnFire Books. Www.onfirebookswritingcompany.com

We had gotten a little too far with the freedom-based model maintaining that we were writers, and now we’ve shifted to a culture of elegance, in conjunction with the Ritz Carlton leadership training program. We have a new dress code and it involves pantsuits exactly like Lady Gaga wore. Our leaders will go to the Ritz Carlton excellence program. At first I was concerned that the pantsuits might be a throwback to the 80s. Let’s just say that today, any concern has vanished. Pantsuits are hip. The new thing.

Her performance reminds me that we all have two things in common with Lady Gaga.

Number one, you can change your image if you want to. See it claim it, be it.

Number two, might just get you a lot further to elevate your personal brand than you already are.

In what ways could you elevate yourself as a speaker, author, parent, or entrepreneur? If you’re not sure please ask us. We coach world changers through the 1% program through it every day. What does it mean to be a 1% er?

It means you can build a personal image and authentic lifestyle that sets you apart as a leader who changes lives.