I heart my iPhone

So I couldn’t have been happier if I’d gotten a call from publishers clearing house. Well, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but the email came that my book has been selected for a new application to download books to the iPhone. The Compass, which is in pre-release now on amazon.com will soon be available from my shiny little iPhone screen!

iphone-with-the-compassThis means I can read it on the plane to London. But will I? Probably not. I like the feel the paper beneath my fingers. But it’s still cool nonetheless.


One thought on “I heart my iPhone

  1. That’s so exciting! I, too, like the feel of paper in my hands. I don’t like to read articles online, I want them printed so I can flip the pages. My friend loves her Kindle, but I want to smell the book, turn the pages, feel it’s weight in my hands.

    The iPhone access though will make it SO easy for others to take along and read!

    I rode the bike at the gym & read through almost half of The Compass…LOVE it so far! 🙂


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