Homelessness Hurts

Greetings everyone.

If you’re reading this, chances are that I am in the air, above you, on the flight to Paris to meet with the internaional publishers if The Compass.  Think of me.

I did a writers workshop for the homeless last week and a man walked up and asked if he could read a poem.  Six of us stood around and listened, and it was amazing to see how it impacted the other homeless guys, whowere all ages and races. The author is a homeless man named Ricky Redd.

Homelessness Hurts

I took a walk through Downtown Dallas the other day
I was amazed at what I saw as I went along my way
There was a man, who looked as if he’d been walking in
dirt, Let me tell you something
Homelessness Hurts

He said, “Hey man, can you spare a dime?”
I said, “I’m sorry sir, But I don’t have anything to spare
at this time.”
I said, “Say, why don’t you try and find some work?”
He said, “I would if I could, but you see,
Homelessness Hurts.”

I continued walking, on down the street,
and saw an elderly woman, with no shoes on her feet
She was wearing an old worn out blouse and skirt
Let me tell you something,
Homelessness Hurts

It’s sad because some say we are just worthless bums,
who lost our ambition and don’t care what we become.
But what about you?
Are you a paycheck away?

Maybe you’ll be coming to the street one day.

Looking around corners, to see what lurks,
and then you’ll know first hand,
How homelessness hurts.


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