Sometimes you find a place that just seems to fit your heart. I recently spent a few days in the area of Creede, Colorado, a place that one of my best friends in the world told me about. 

As I drove into the mountain pass, the scenery took my breath away. I saw the rise of the snow capped peaks, and knew instinctively, that I’d found my place. A writer needs a place to create, to write the next book, to sit in solitude with or without a journal and think. 

I sat on the front porch overlooking the San Juans intending to edit my next book, but instead, I just contemplated life, love, and all of the most important things about life. We swam in the stream, tossed rocks, hiked a mountain. 

Everyone needs a place to rejuvenate, and escape. 

Where is your special place?


2 thoughts on “Creede

  1. Hi Tammy! I agree totally; not that I’m a great prophetic writer or anything, but I definitely have a place: my bathtub! I can sit in quiet and peace and type, with my laptop balancing ever-so-carefully on the edge. Dangerous I know, but inspiring!


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