How to Write Copy that Sells

If you’re going to sell yourself or your product, perhaps the best investment you could make is to become a great writer.

Even if you hated english class, you can increase your writing skills, in order to market, sell, and promote your business better. Words work. The world was built on them. Words have power, to lift up, or to tear down. Words save lives, change nations, win wars, and sell products.

As an editor and author, one of the #1 mistakes I see rookie writers or business professionals making, is delivering words that talk about themselves – versus the reader. Selling a service? Talk to your reader about why he needs it. Everyone wants to hear about themselves, their own life, and how to make it better.

How do you increase the power of your words?

Here are some simple steps:

1: Talk to the reader, versus talking about your business. Instead of; “Our web design firm specializes in building quality websites.” Say; “Do you want a winning website that will attract clients?”

2: Deliver a call to action.
example: “Email us now to talk to one of our agents.”

3: Keep it short and sweet. We live in a fast food sound byte nation. Keep your words as short as text, twitter, or Facebook updates. The language of the world has devolved, to minimal sentences. You must fit in, to win!

4: Inspire.
Don’t write about fear, or negativity. And don’t follow the crowd. Write words that inspire! The self improvement industry is one of the fastest growing in the world! People need inspiration and hope.

5: If you own a business, consider writing a book.
Books are the new brochure. No one wants to be marketed to
anymore, but they DO want to be entertained.


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