The Definition of a REAL Writer

No matter what you’re selling, writing about it can’t help but help you sell it.

There’s all kinds of writers today, but for those of us who are professionals at the craft, it seems as if there’s so much content flowing daily, that words are being diluted. Chances are even your aunt Edna is on Facebook She writes witty little updates, posts poetic quotes from Plato, and occasionally writes a note and posts it to your wall because she’s gotten on her soapbox about something.

Everyone’s a self described writer these days, from bloggers to face bookers to those with aspirations to write a novel and upload it to an online website.

We all need to write more, and write better, and if you own a business you know how competitive the air space is to showcase your product or service. If you’re not writing about your business, someone else is writing about THEIR business. Your competitor has a blog, online columns, Facebook ads.

Everyone writes.
So what then, is the definition of a “real” writer?

Last night I met with a homeless man I’d met on the streets of downtown Dallas. It was a year since I’d seen him, and as we sat around the dinner table with my kids playing in the background, we talked about his new book. I had coached him to get started when he was on the street, by visiting the library to use their computers, or to write in journals. I encouraged him to write his way our of his pain.

After dinner, a year later, he opened his bag, retrieved a laptop, and showed me a book more amazing than 99 percent of the finished manuscripts clients come to me with, to edit. It was a book about life, addiction, hope. And he’d spent many long hours and days pulling all nighters, to write it. It was formatted perfectly, and each chapter was carefully researched.

And there’s the distinction.

A writer of books, is different than any other kind. A book says; “I’ve spent a considerable amount of thought on this topic,” a book sometimes even says; ‘I’m an expert.” It’s a way to showcase your business, and your life. A way to help others heal from the wisdom of your own experiences.

Writing works.

As I settled into bed, I thought about him, and the three other formerly homeless guys who I met on that parking lot, who used writing as a way up and out.. Journaling helps heal the heart, uncovering the many things deep inside.

Writing works. Maybe it’s just to create a book that showcases your gifts, your business, and helps you stand out. A book is the new brochure.

Or maybe you’ve got a past that it’s time to let go of. Writing is a great way to let it all out, on paper, once and for all, whether you send it to a publisher, or not.

Is there a story inside of you?


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