Trail Gear: Get It On. (why I love compression tights and why you should too)


Don’t knock it till you try it.  I recently asked a casual soccer player if anyone on his team played in compression socks, and he scoffed. He gave me a look along the lines of; are you kidding me? And went on to tell me about a man he sat next to me on a recent flight to Europe, who wore compression socks to prevent an inflight deep vein thrombosis incident. I think I tuned out about the time he said the word flight, because as an adventure travel writer, I’ve logged millions of ,lies across the globe without “incident.”

No, I’m not talking about compression socks like your grandmother wears. I’m talking about the hottest new running, biking, and general adventure gear out there.

Compression gear for athletes.

Haven’t tried it yet?

Chances are you fall into one of two camps. Either you think you’re not elite enough of an athlete to wear them, or you actually are a competitive athlete and you’re comfortable with what you’ve
been wearing all these years. I get it.  You can’t pry me away from my Salomon skeleton trail shoes, in favor of those “other” shoes the street runners wear. I understand having a personal preference. But stay with me for a second.

If your gear is working for you, stick with it.  But if you’re willing to try something new that might even enhance your performance, check out the new compression gear out there.

My pick? Compression tights that are comfortable, and (for you women out there) make you look a size smaller.  Nice bonus.

I’m an avid mountain and trail runner, with a strong bent towards mountain biking. Give me a trail, some dirt, and my legit Solomons, and I can go for miles. But One of the hazards in trail running is brush and thorns.
Real runners come back muddy, or bloody.

I wanted a pair of long tights that I could camp in or wear all day, and run in too. I bought a pair of 2Xu compression tights online and I was hooked!

Ronaldo, wears them for soccer. Carl Landry of the NBA, wears compression socks after a game for recovery. NFL players wear them during play. Heck, Michael Vick probably even wears them, but that’s a whole different blog entry. Point is, a lot of athletes endorse them but they’re not only for the elite.

I recently slept in my 2xu running tights at a trailhead, and then set out in them straight away for a morning trail adventure. That’s how comfortable they are.

Still not convinced?

Don’t knock it till you try it!


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