I am not a runner (no, really!)

All Olympic, world class, elite runners, trainers, doctors and fitness experts will tell you how hard running on concrete can be on the body. Ask any professional, and they’ll warn you about the effects of the hard pounding on your joints.
I’ve ran 5 races so far this year. Which causes my pilates teacher, a former marathon runner, and my chiropractor, to wince. Literally. But wait – I assure them… “I am NOT a runner! I am not one of those.” I’m a trail runner…. And any expert, or non, will tell you that’s a whole different world. in the recent issue of TRAIL, magazine, runner Martin Dugard wrote “The hardest packed dirt is always softer than pavement..”

I run for the adventure, peace, and exploration of being in nature. If you want to run with me you can. But only if you can handle the outdoors!

I do, regrettably, run street races. (as this photo from a recent race in Florida
shows!) But by mile 3 I’m bored to tears with the monotony of hundreds of footsteps pounding in the same, continual tone on concrete. Ugh. Why do I do it? I think it’s the beer.

Trail running is the bomb. And this year I plan to find a 100 mile ultra to set my sights on. I run in random forests across the earth. I’ve run the countryside in France. I’ve run in bear filled canyons in Colorado. I’ve run over mountains in Belize to swim in a magical, clear waterfall on the other side.

Dr. Jerry Lynch, psychologist, said about the virtues of trail running – “Trails have a way of closing off the rest of the world and chaos.”

I run for adventure. I run for excitement. I run for peace.

Former Olympic track star Joan Nesbit prefers to run trails. She says; “the trees rush by you!” (trail magazine, spring)

I get it! From what I can see …
Trail runners and road runners don’t have much in common. It’s like blackberry versus iPhone. But they both work and you have to respect the other.

On the trail, you relinquish control. Your body moves over rocks roots and dirt. There’s no concrete. But there’s the scenery and surprise around every corner.

If you want to run with me, meet me in the woods.


2 thoughts on “I am not a runner (no, really!)

  1. I remember the time I went “running” with you…I use that term lightly since I did more photographing than running. You know, I think something is wrong with me because while most people run and have endorphins released, I have anger manifest and I get really really moody. I think it’s that I hate my body feeling that burn – you know, the one in your throat when you don’t breathe properly? Yeah, I get that all the time. I’ve tried breathing differently but ultimately I think I’ve resolved that I’m just not a runner. Of any kind!


    • Hhhmmmm. Running through a forest on France, yet no endorphins?
      I’ve never heard of that before.
      I’ll have to consult a physician however I suspect you might just be half robot, android, or angel? Perhaps.
      Very mysterious.


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