Running, with kids

On a recent 5k in Texas, I decided to take the kids. Now, my prior posts talk about the health benefits of trail running, which every expert says is better for your joints and bones than the street. So why, then, would I take my kids on a 5k road race?

Mr funny man, 5, and mr serious, 8, have always wanted to enter one of my races. Since This years school curriculum is focused on being a Warrior. (Spiritually, emotionally, physically) I thought the 5k would be perfect.

The boys are adept at running 3-4mile distances in the wilderness. They’ve leapt mountains and hills in various countries from Latin America to Europe to America America. They’re boys. So. Like any boy, They’re wired for adventure!

But a road race is entirely different. And surprisingly, it brought out two different sides to them. Mr funnyman, the fast runner, lagged behind. He hated the competition and the bodies racing all around us. Turns out that he’s only in it for fun, like mom! But mr. serious, the one who lags behind in the woods, turned into a serious runner the minute the gun went off. He raced ahead through the crowd and didn’t stop for 5 kilometers!

They both loved the thrill of having a real race number and excitement of crossing the finish line.

Intrinsic desire is an important thing. Some like to run for fun. Others for the thrill of competition. Which one are you?

I like to mix it up. Last year I introduced my little men to canoeing, snow boarding, skiing, fly fishing, trail running, camping, cooking fish over a fire, and mountain biking. Well, and other things too, like spending time with the homeless.

All of those things will be things we do together, for a long time. Today, we are off for a mountain bike ride on the trail!
What’s next? I’m looking for a new challenge.
Any ideas?


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