Run escape run

Run escape run

It’s not hard to spot a trail runner. They’re the adventurous ones, always ready to hit the woods.

They’ve got multiple pairs of shoes in the back of their cars. Along with sunscreen, random t shirts, and various forms of goo or bar or liquid energy.

Trail runners like to be prepared. Because an adventure might be right around the bend.

Today I escaped on a spontaneous road trip with the kids, and we ran through the woods in a different state. We were back in our beds by sundown, but they’ve learned that life is an adventure. And anything is possible.

I signed up for the 15k trail run through the woods on grapevine lake in November, and one day u know we will be running long races together.

The course is a challenging race over rocks and roots and clay, with a majestic view of the Gaylord hotel.

I know I run as a form of escape. It’s a way to unplug. To get away from the Technology that enslaved us.


One thought on “Run escape run

  1. I like this, and so true. Right now, I have gels, water bottles, jug of water, running cloths, and trail shoes in the back of my Avalanche. Just can’t beat the trails with all the adventures around the corner. Great post.


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