Homeless Running Club

“But we are homeless!” Wes said. “homeless people don’t run!” “you’re an athlete,” I said,
Redefining his identity.

So we laced up our shoes, or in one homeless runners case, cowboy boots, and I challenged them to a run downtown. We raced past police officers and pedestrians and we ran leisurely past other homeless people and 2 more joined our group of runners.
Running builds endorphins. It alters your body chemistry immediately. If you’re depressed, run. If you’re on a diet,mor not, the weigtt you want to be, or not, 6, 60, or 100, just run. Try it. Run a block or a mile. Run with the kids! Running is about movement.
Even if you’re not a runner. Just step outside, breathe in the sunshine, inhale.
There’s nothing more moving than combining my two passions. The people on the street and running. With the homeless, we tell them; finish strong. Life is a series of peaks and valleys but its about pushing through the hard times.
Come join me And help inspire lives!
Downtown Dallas Sunday mornings at 9.


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