12 November, 2011 23:05

Salomon please send me shoes!
Today I ran the The Rockledge Rumble Ultra running Magazine trail run around Grapevine lake.

There’s no better trails!
Ive worn my Salomon trail runners ragged across mountains in Latin America and Colorado. Today they got me through the 15k “fun run” with ease.

I’ve passed up Nikes, New Balance and even those intriguing newtons which, are tempting I must admit. The colors are way cool. But I love my lanyards! I hate tying shoes or thinking about loose laces over rocks and dirt.
I had a blast today and remembered my faithful Salomons at the Creede Mountain run in a very steep mining town with massive elevation.

My thoughts today:

Mile 1: I love my shoes
mile 2, the sun shone brilliantly over the lake.
Mile 3, a runner passing mentioned brownies at the turnaround. Mile 5, where are the freakin brownies? (cranky)
Mile 6: aggghhhhhhhh (ate 3)
Mile 7: major euphoric running high
Mile 8: I’m really going to do this!
15k in the woods is like twice that on the road
Mile 8.8 climbed a hill. Attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets! Stung everywhere. Head, butt, calf, arms. Ouch! Firefighter tried to help and got stung too.

Lots of pain running to finish. All kinds of thoughts swirl through your head. I recalled the time a girl stopped me in the street one day and said ” I notice you’re wearing Salomons. God wants you to be like him and seek wisdom instead of your own knowledge.” wow.
That was a great memory. Thirsty. Happy. Delirious. Still following a girl firefighter from Austin. Mile 10: torturous finish up a stairwell resembling Macchu Picchu.


Doctors greeted me with benadryl at the top. Drank a fat tire at 1030a with other runners.

Great race! Painful race! I need new shoes. This was their last race. Salomon, send me a size 8 before I go online and order them!


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