27 November, 2011 19:42

Lowell, the Writer

This is Lowell. He’s homeless, which is an adventure every day just to survive.
I encourage him to write, because it’s one of his passions. He’s good at it, and he’s poetic. A true thinker. And that’s often his problem. He thinks too much, and gets stuck in his own mind.

Even though he’s homeless, Lowell is thoughtful, funny, caring, and always willing to help others. It always amazes me how homeless people will give you their last dollar, scarf, gloves, or other gifts.
One morning Lowell was wet after the sprinklers were turned on downtown at 6am. He’d been asleep and got drenched but he didn’t complain. He joked about having upscale property on Hedge Row.

Everytime I see him he brings me his tattered notebook and shows me a poem or story. Today he’s my guest blogger, here.

Finally, Lowell is published. Send him your comments.


4 thoughts on “27 November, 2011 19:42

  1. Lowell, continue to follow your passion and the Lord will open up doors that you can’t even imagine. Telling your story through peoms or journals will not only change you, it will transform you and your testimony will change many lives that read your poems, books. I encourage you to write down each and every blessing (even the small ones, like having warm place to stay) Read Psalm 139 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who loved God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28. Your legacy is just beginning, give Tammy a hug for me.


    • I’ll print these comments for Lowell and bring them to him on the street where he sleeps. Thank you so much for caring! He will be so surprised and the kind words, love and prayers will make a difference.


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