NBA playoffs

NBA playoffs
Oklahoma City Thunder go down at the hands of the Heat

Perkins. Really?

Perkins seemed to be playing for the Miami heat tonight. It was a frustrating, heart pumping, stressful game.

Look, I love the Thunder and I’m possibly Durants number one fan. But Perkins missed his last three shots to give the Heat their longest winning streak. Even so, Durant handled it all with a lot more class than I did, by pointing up and thanking God after the game. He didn’t whine about the loss. I am.

But, in all fairness to Perkins, no one was perfect tonight except Wade, who made 15 straight free throws.

Cmon Thunder. Tonight you played like you did against the Grizzlies. Missed a lot of easy shots, and caved in to the emotional pressure, making a lot of fouls. And the Dallas Mavericks beat the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, to make things even more interesting. What will the playoffs look like?


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