Are you ready for your dream?

Are you ready for your dream?

Lance Armstrong is an example of greatness lost.

He got one great shot at his dream.

Probably because he was not willing to give what was necessary. And give up what was necessary.

physically he was ready.
One of the Greatest athletes of all time. Look at his statistics.

Performing at a high level of excellence even with cancer. A level no other road biker could ever perform at.

But he had one shot.
And he was ready physically – but not character-ally.

He was ready to finish strong but he just couldn’t let go of his old life, old thoughts, and the habits that always led to him being less than. versus the greatest of all time.

He thought no one knew about the habits he had
(But someone always knows)
and they seeped over into his legacy.

Lance lost his dream.
Not just endorsements, medals, and respect. He lost the one thing he had trained his entire life to do. He lost his gift.

The lesson here is that sometimes no matter how gifted we think we are, with words, ideas or ability – The dream can be lost.

It can be lost in the middle of the night when we didn’t even realize it was walking out the door. One wrong decision observed by others can send the dream away like a thief in the night.

If we aren’t ready and haven’t prepared for that one shining moment when the dream is delivered, like a package from santa on Christmas – it can be lost.

Have you prepared yourself? Are you worthy of the dream?


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