What is your legacy? Click here to view in a webpage.


What’s your legacy?
Have you put it into a book yet?
Chances are you have years of wisdom and knowledge that can mentor others, or transform a business. Have you written your book yet? I look at a book as a legacy.

Words change lives.

After years of writing for myself and for clients, I’ve had insight into the publishing Industry on what sells books, and what doesn’t. Even publishers or PR people don’t quite get it right for my clients, when they focus them on social media. Getting your book into news outlets means hand to hand combat or, specifically, a more personal one on one approach.

When my first book Exit Row, was featured on Dateline, it was because I personally sent the producer a one paragraph synopsis of the book and, (this is the key) a segment idea! In weeks I was sitting in the Dateline NBC studio, being interviewed.


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Behind The Scenes
My recent interview on The Discovery Channel.
PM_B2CEP_FooterLeftAccent.png “Words are the greatest currency we have to

empower, create, build up a life, and generate love.”

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