12 May, 2013 18:13

Sometimes God sends an angel. Today I listened to a message from my stalker. He had sent me 3 701 messages on text email and Facebook and some by phone. He was never angry. Just ill.

The last message he said was; Tammy, thank you for being my angel. Thank you for your innocence.
It was a meaningful message. Because the last thing I feel on this earth is innocent.

I’m so glad I rejected the attorney who told me to prosecute him. I’m so glad I took the time to pray with him over the phone even though he didn’t believe. I knew he’d reached the end.

We enter and exit this world and the largest struggles are born from love. Men love who they’re not supposed to and don’t love who they are. We drift through this world carelessly and then too carefully sometimes hitting the mark and often missing it all together. Do we look back? Do we rip off the rear view mirror and forge ahead?

We cannot look back too long, or we will drown in the sorrow of missed chances. But if we look ahead, too rapidly, we grasp onto things that were never meant for us to hold more than a moment.

Hold on. Hold on.
Eternity exists only in this moment.

But then let go and run.

There are moments when we must do, instead of think. Just take the first step forward without planning that step. The step of faith that crosses the bridge into a new future.

Know when to run blindly, against all advice, all human understanding, into your future. Don’t listen to anyone not even yourself. Let God guide your path like a five year old child running through the field wild for the first time. How does he know how to run? It comes instinctively and as he does he’s running towards something great, he knows in his heart, even though he doesn’t know what it is.

Have faith. Give love.


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