The paradox of need

If you’ve ever needed something, you know how it feels after that need is fulfilled. Whether its love, time, or money, need can press us into a place of longing, at times desperation, and then ultimately innovation.

In Africa some of the best inventions have sprung from the reality of poverty. Need – equals the need for a solution.

One innovation, a mobile eye detection camera that will take an image of the retina to detect eye disease, saves the sight of thousands. It’s a new take on the eye-phone, and will help kids and adults living in remote parts of the world. Other incredible innovations have emerged, such as the water straw to filter clean water. Now kids and adults can drink from a stream without dying from disease.

Many good things are birthed from tragedy, or need, which is something I’ve frequently witnessed in my own life, and with the teens and adults I serve. Were it not for the need, there would be no gap for the gain. If the human drinking from the contaminated river didn’t need clean water to live, no other human would have seen the need. But someone did, and because they stepped up, millions are saved. Beyond that, it’s the magic of human creativity and innovation, and giving, that is bigger than the need itself.

Recently I spoke at the Youth Leadership Summit led by an amazing man, in London. Harry Singha overcame a tragic childhood to now fill a need in the lives of teens by mentoring them to become leaders. And, it occurred to me, if he had to suffer through that to become the great man he is today, it was somehow valuable. Don’t ignore the magnitude and power of your trials. Get through them, use them. Push.

Tammy Kling
CEO / Chief Creative Director

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