24 December, 2013 04:41

When you hear the C word, it rocks your world. Cancer is horrible. And we’ve all known someone touched by it.
I’ve written books with cancer doctors and they’ve all got interesting stories. Patients that just “knew” that something was wrong before they were diagnosed. It was that way for me.
I saw a show about cancer. It was about a girl with a deadly melanoma on her face and it was a colorless clear spot. It bugged her. I had a pit in my stomach that night. I fell asleep just “knowing.”
The day I went into the doctor, she looked at the spot I pointed out and said “that’s cancer.” I replied, shocked, “but how do you know?” She had not yet tested it. “I know” she said matter of factly. And she was right.
4 surgeries later through the center of my face, I learned that life is filled with unexpected challenges. This photo shows a slight scar and reminds me of the people who have suffered much more. I never talk about this. But I want you to go get your checkup. Go to the doctor, and the dermatologist, and get yourself tested. Love you. Xxo



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