Restaurant Review: London

I’m an American, but there’s simply no restaurant scene anywhere in America like London.

In fact I defy you, to find one. Message me. Prove me wrong.
I’ve not yet been to Dubai or Norway, so maybe there’s a creative dining spot there.

In London,restaurants are an experience. A theatre of costumed waitresses and art gallery walls, mixed with a musical symphonic live deejay experience. Food as art, delivered on trolleys. And at Sketch, the London regent street restaurant with the
most phenomenal bathroom in the world, with white glossy plexiglas or plastic pods that resemble alien eggs or a spaceship transporter.

Each individual has their own pod, and inside yours is a musical experience, and narration through the pod sound system. And did I mention that the bathroom is co-Ed?

It always fascinates me to hear chefs in other countries refer to the New York restaurant scene such as the chef of the modern restaurant Oblix, in London did when he was interviewed.
I’ve been to the best restaurants in New York, Dallas, Colorado and California and there’s nothing like London. I’m convinced that the greatest innovators in the world are somehow born in or flock to, the centre of London.

In Texas, the most unique restaurant I’ve found is the blue hangar cafe which is a small restaurant built on the edge of a live runway. It’s an adrenaline filled yet relaxing dining experience over classic hamburgers and simple lunch fare, as you wonder, will that Cessna hot the runway, or not? The diner has been witness to several plane crashes. Now thats an ultimate dining experience!

But in the upscale restaurant scene, about the most creative thing you’ll find is good food, and a normal, mundane brick and mortar box decorated beautifully.

You’ve got to see it to believe it – London restaurants will have you staring at the lighting, the ceilings, the patterned walls,
furniture and floors. With incredible sensory experiences like this, it reminds you that the food is secondary to living life!


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