3 April, 2014 21:52

I think I’m headed for a breakup. I can’t stop my eyes from wandering.

I’m beginning to feel like there’s something better on the horizon. Maybe the grass really is greener.

Today I was in a book launch meeting with one of the world’s most influential doctors, and I couldn’t stop staring at my shoe.

It’s been seven years and I’ve never once cheated on my shoe company. But then, this beauty arrived.

Never mind the awesome packaging and colorful shiny exterior. Immediately I turned them over.

If you’re an athlete, you know you have your favorites. Heck, some even have a superstition about changing brands. But let me try to coax you out of your box. Because I was that way too! Today, I open my mind a bit to the possibility of falling in love again with something new. This shoe is simply amazing.

To a trail or obstacle course race runner it’s all about tread and functionality.

How will you navigate obstacles? How will the shoes hold up in water?

This shoe has a minimalist feel, that the Cross Fit athlete loves yet a maximum strength, that the regular runner, and trail, mud, obstacle athlete loves.

I’ve worn Solomon’s for years. The shoe you cannot buy in a big box store. They’re hard to find. A diamond in the haystack.

But after a day of wearing the amazing Reebok All-Terrain Spartan shoe, I may have just found my next great love.

The instep has an
Obstacle grip feature
With tiny grippers for walls, climbs, and scaling any obstacle with ease. This is the perfect technical balance of beauty and strength
for any obstacle course racing and any standard trail run. I’ll be wearing them in April, in a race.

The tread lugs are square and provide depth and traction for any kind or hill challenge!

Easily transitioning from meeting to mud, I can see why Reebok rolled out this amazing technical yet Attractive shoe. Sure, it’s for the Spartan course, or trail runner, and seems crafted for the adventurer at heart.

But do I really want to get them muddy?


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