20 May, 2014 15:57

Athletes who become authors

Who doesn’t want to be an athlete?

We all love adventure but Athletes live the ultimate adventure from the time they decide to embark upon the challenge. There’s the daily grind, the discipline and sweat, and the mental challenges.

My most recent athlete client lives in Florida. And this was my evening view writing his story.

Q was drafted to the NBA as a teenager and has an incredible story. Writing books for athletes is always an adventure. I learn about the things they’ve learned along the journey.

Q played for the Knicks and LA and a host of other teams. It required being in elite physical condition, and having the mindset of a navy seal. Along the way, there were victories and adversities. Some unthinkable.

He lost his role model at 12 to breast cancer. His mother had taught him how the play basketball. And yet he continued the dream. He was on the Lakers bus when he got the call that his brother had been shot and killed in his driveway, by thieves stealing a car Q had given him.

How do you rise up after that?

You make a choice.
To live, or look back.
Life is a series of heartbreaks, and setbacks and victories.

But Life is also an adventure. Q decided to live. To get married and have a child of his own. And after years of playing in the NBA, raising this little girl, in memory of his mother who gave him so much, might just be the greatest adventure of all.

Tammy Kling is a best selling author, adventure travel writer, TEDx speaker, and the ghost writer of 107 books. Her work in the jungle of Colombia working airplane crashes in crisis management led to her desire to use words to change lives.



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