The cost of adventure

No one knows what happened to Wesley Hixson.

He disappeared on my favorite biking trail, and today when I ran it I searched for him, scanning the ravines.

He went riding with his friends, and somehow got separated. They found his body today, on a scary stretch of trail I’ve run at least fifty times. Scary, because it’s abandoned, the home of campers and vagrants and wanderers. When I’ve run there, I’ve often changed my mind. Got back in the car. That strange intuition that says stop and turn back.

It’s possible Wesley had a head injury from a crash. The autopsy report will explain more.

This photo was taken at the trail he lost his life on. He left his kids and family behind.

When I drove past after my run today this was the scene. News cameras everywhere. Not how you think your adventure will end.

A reminder – to be cautious when you’re adventuring. Have fun, but be aware.

Rest in peace Wesley.



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