31 August, 2014 15:08

Standing Room Only

I ran the annual Creede Mountain Run, which is a magnificent trek up the infamous bachelor loop mountain, in Colorado.

Creede is a miner town of 400 or so set into a box canyon.

It’s a majestic place,
one of the last undiscovered jewels surrounded by incredible mountain peaks. It’s the place I escape to write books.

As I raced back down the mountain wearing my Reebok trail shoes, (I am an avid adventurer, trail runner and mountain runner and Reebok asked me to blog about their shoes) I was looking forward to celebrating my victory in only one place: Far Dog.

Far Dog is the best restaurant in the world. #1 for mountain ambience and magnificent, intimate homemade comfort food. The number 2 in my opinion is Sketch, in London.

After the mountain run
I stripped off my race shirt and placed it on the table, and ordered an epic reward breakfast of biscuits and gravy.

After the endorphins and adrenalin of a high elevation run, the magic of having a mimosa with loved ones and a five star meal in a mountain town, made it the perfect day.

But I’m a writer, and an observer of people. And whether I’ve got my travel writer hat on, or restaurant or hotel review, or just simply an author writing a book, I’m always observing humanity. So I couldn’t help But notice how the inside of Far Dog was standing room only.

It had emerged as a new entrepreneurial venture run by
Creede newcomers
Jess and Erin, that offered baked specialties, wines, and menu offerings as elegant as the restaurants in London and Paris.

Every visit to Far Dog, Jess and Erin were hands on in all aspects of the business from the
kitchen, to the front of the house, showing no signs of the stress that most restaurant owners do.

Yet on this visit, Jess told me that they were re evaluating their location.

They had a limited number of tables, a packed dinner hour, and no room for growth.

He told me this as he happily juggled food and navigated a long line of hungry customers.

Growth is a great thing. But there comes a point when you have to stop, and evaluate your five year plan.

It made me think of all the small businesses including mine, that had reached a point of standing room only. It’s a great place to be.

When you become in such demand that people all over the world recognize your value, it’s the dream of every entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur,
I’m in the space of implementing processes that will support additional growth. To continue living this dream into the next decade.

Most people spend years to get to standing room only. Others, like Far Dog, accomplish it in just a few.

What about you?

You can stay small, or grow bigger. It’s up to you. Sky’s the limit. Or, you can start over, find a new location and even do something different and be just as successful as you were before.

Standing room only occurs when you use your gifts.

Like Far Dog, it’s really who you are – that is the core of your business.

I love them more for who they are, joyful entrepreneurs who decided to set up shop in a tiny mountain town, and didn’t sacrifice quality.

The adventure of the next five years awaits. Who do you want to be?



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