1 September, 2014 15:52


Anyone who has ever labored over a project at midnight for a work deadline, or squinted over a laptop into the wee hours will understand the feeling of exhaustion. As a writer who spends a great amount of time sedentary, when I stop – I find myself yearning for movement.

What about you? What are the surprising things you’ve learned about yourself and your need for movement or adventure, as a result of managing the stress at work? How do you counteract the hours and days in front of a computer?

I love my career.
I was born to be a writer. And when I sent my first manuscript to the fabulous Dominique Raccah at Sourcebooks, I never imagined I’d look back a decade later with a New York Times bestseller, books auctioned and sold to publishers all over the world and in the MBA program in China at the University of Bejing, and 108 books under my belt. She gave me my first start.

Dominique, thanks for being a mentor early on, and giving a new author a start.

Today, I travel the world from Europe to Argentina and love helping others fulfill their book dreams. Virgin.com just called me one of the worlds TOP ghostwriters! And it has all been a wonderful surprise to me, because I followed my dream and would’ve written that first book for free. But, dreams come at a price.

When you work hard, your body and mind get fatigued. Stress can set in, and you’ve got to manage it in order to be your best. You’ve got to create space.

How about you? How will you manage your time, body, and mind, to grow your life and business into this next decade? What blind spots do you have that could prevent you from achieving all you want to do? Examine, unearth, detox from negative people, places and things, and prepare yourself for the magic moments ahead.

Because they’re right around the corner!

I didn’t envision a TED talk, but I’ve got one. I didn’t plan to be on the Discovery Channel, but it was an adventure when they asked to do a segment on my book. Just following my dream in itself, has been an adventure. But, it’s also a life that requires solitude and focus.

Before I discovered my need for adrenaline, as a counter active effect to the sedentary writers life, I spent days and months writing, sinking deeper into solitude of my books and thoughts.

But then a book client invited me to the trail.
I discovered the magic of endorphins and trail running that day,
and it changed my body and mind. The first thing trail running did for me is take me into a world inside the forest, over roots and rocks and magnificent green leaves, into moving solitude.

As a writer, I need adventure, nature, and fresh air to counter balance my body and mind.

And you do, too.

What’s your escape? Plan it, today. Be intentional, and choose intentionally healthy escapes.

When a book client ordered me a Ducati, I learned to race it around a track, and that love turned into days of adrenaline filled rush where I suited up in leather, and felt total freedom.

A year into my Ducati adventure the news station asked to do a segment on me and my client, a gentlemen I had helped write and edit a book for. It was a great moment where my passion for my career as a writer, ghostwriter and author, intersected with my passion for racing my motorcycle. And to top it all off, my kids were with me enjoying the day. This is what life’s about. One big, excellent, adventure that you can take your family on too. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

If you’re feeling sad or depressed, it’s a trigger that something needs to change.
If you are scattered, disorganized, or losing sleep, it’s time to find something to manage your stress. Not someone, and not a substance. I’m not talking mid life crisis or unhealthy escape here. Make a list. A list of the top ten things you’d like to try, create, or achieve.

It could be a hobby, like trail running, learning to fly, or something simpler. It could be a stress reliever like a new workout, fishing, camping, or even making a book list of success books to educate yourself on a subject that would contribute to your growth. (Or writing your own book.)

For me, it’s adventures like weekends in a city hotel, or a cabin in the woods, or mountain running, travel, or simply dropping the canoe in a nearby lake and swimming with the kids.

The point is, adventure should be intentionally woven into your life, so that you don’t have to escape your life.

The beautiful news professional Tracy Kornet is featured in this photo, interviewing me. When we met I discovered that we shared a zest for life, family, and adventure. She decided recently to give up her coveted spot in one of the nations top ranked news cities, to make a move across the nation to be where her son is attending college. That, is a big adventure.

What about you? Look at the next five years. Escape. Start planning your adventure, and integrate it into your life today.



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