Time is currency!

Guard your Time

3 ways to increase in profits, reduce stress, and build closer relationships today

There are three things everyone can do to grow their time. Yes, grow. I often say that words are currency. In my Tedx talk the topic was that every word we say has impact – and therefore we should consider that our words are currency. But time is currency too. That Ted talk got me thinking about the various currencies we have in our lives. Time is an asset. Ask anyone who is dying of cancer what they wish they had more of, and it is time. Not to sound morbid here but each one of us has a limited amount of time. However are we actually taking care of it? I propose that each one of us can create and grow more time. It’s popular for people to say “well we only have 24 hours in the day.” But what if you actually could grow more time? What if you could live as if you had 26 hours in a day? Think of how much more you could accomplish. Think of how much time you would have to spend face-to-face with the ones you love. Think of that new business venture, or the book you started writing but never finished. Increase your time today. It will increase your income reduce stress and help you bond with your loved ones. Here are three ways: 1. Guard your Time like the Hope diamond Envision your time as an asset. Secure it, and then place security guards around it. This is almost completely opposite the way 99% of the world lives. Look at your day, and your schedule, and be intentional about what you do. That doesn’t mean you can’t respond to wonderful people, or unexpected opportunities. 2. Audit your Time Look at your last month and examine each day. Make a quick list of all the friends that you met with, or the meetings that did not amount to anything tangible, or the lazy activities you participated in, when you could have focused on that project on your back burner, or your important business dream. When you do this quick list, you’ll see that it adds up to several hours each week. You’ll see that you actually have much more time than you think. When I did this, I saw that I was spending a lot of my time saying yes to casual lunches with friends and business contacts. I could still stay in touch with friends, by scheduling one big lunch or one big dinner party at my house where I invited all of them instead of scattering my time throughout the week. 3. Utilize the third watch The third watch are those hours in the night, that in ancient times soldiers would utilize. Guarding the post, is a 24 hour job, and no matter what your working hours are, someone else has working hours that are opposite yours. Find hours in the night that you are not currently utilizing. Even if it’s for a short period of time, like a season of productivity, set your alarm to wake up at 4 AM instead of seven and do it two days a week. Or, if you work better late into the night, plan to stay up late a couple of nights a week to focus on that important project. You did it in college and you can do it now. Push! Even just 3 extra hours a night (or day) three days a week equals 36 extra hours a month! What could you do with 36 extra hours a month? – email prospective clients – create a business marketing plan – write a letter of gratitude to everyone you love (including business and life mentors) – start writing your book – workout at home with weights, or run around the block and lose 5 pounds – focus on helping someone else – de clutter your home and office – fill in the blank… Take time, to create margin time – today!


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