The 3 Secrets that One Percenters Share

Be a World changer.

The 3 secrets that one percenters share that will help you make an impact on your family, your business and the world. (Adopt these habits, today!)

My nine-year-old is a football player. He loves football, he’s always holding a football, and he sleeps with a football. (I have pictures)

So the day he came to me and said “mom, I wrote a book,” it was quite shocking. It didn’t seem to fit at all with his personality. Besides that, he likes math.

But in one instance he blew my perception and shifted my paradigm. In one moment, he became an author, and I was no longer the only author in the house.

When his book came out, people started showing up on our doorstep with cases of books, asking him to sign them.

At the bookstore, he was able to see his very own book and it was a huge thrill. Now he can buy his own book on Amazon and give it away as gifts. As I step back now and contemplate what led to the entire experience of having my nine-year-old publish a book, I can see that it is because I have adapted the habits and traits of the world changers I have worked with over the last decade.

World changers think differently.
They have habits that other people do not.
Their success is not an accident.
They have no limits, and they are in the top 1% of humans, in their faith, family, finances, and fitness.

I’m not talking about people who are merely wealthy. I’m talking about people who give back, and are rich in their soul too. As I began to contemplate the specific traits of world changers, I narrowed it down to the top three.

#1: World changers give back – often
World changers give back and they bring their kids to give back too. They don’t just do this on holidays. They make a practice of giving. And they don’t think about what they’re going to get. This has been true in every single case of every single one percenter I have worked with.

This is me at a homeless children’s event. What you can’t see in the picture, is that my kids were there too.

#2: They are natural leaders who lead, mentor, and focus on values and principles, not just academics or facts

One of the things I learned from world changers is that they take their kids everywhere. They don’t have the mindset of division, and they don’t think, oh hey kids can’t go here. If they want to go to an elegant dinner, they take the kids. If they want to go vacation in the jungle, they take the kids. One of my mentors has taught his kids about his business concepts, and has had them create vision boards on canvas since elementary school.

I have done this since the kids were 5, and I learned to take them to my business meetings, and seminars too.

Throughout it all, I realized that they’re more gifted than I thought. My son filmed my Tedx talk when he was 11, and as a result he became a magnificent photographer and videographer.

#3. No limit thinking

World changers have no limits.
Even if they do, they don’t voice them and they don’t let fear prevent them from doing what they want to do. I learned that anything is possible from people like Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs. Today he is a motivational speaker, a very successful businessman, and a husband and father who lives in California. He travels the world and has an amazing life.

When I stepped back to contemplate my child writing a book, I realized that it never occurred to him that he could not.

Today, we coach other kids to write books through his company, By Kids for Kids books. What an amazing confidence booster it has been for children who want to write a story, and ends up being on the bookshelf.

I also realized that even though it was his idea, I had invested enough time with him to make him believe that he could do something that big. We all want the best for our kids and some days we do better than others. But one of the things I learned is that by adopting the traits of really amazing humans, we can teach our own little humans to do more, dream big, and impact the world.

What are some of the ways you encourage your kids to give back?

When you combine these three things – giving, a focus on the core values that are meaningful to you, and no limits – life is an adventure!

You will raise world changers who create a legacy of their own for generations to come.


3 thoughts on “The 3 Secrets that One Percenters Share

  1. Tammy,
    Another EXCELLENT article! The three elements you list almost seem so basic. However, they are elements that can very easily be buried under norms that people become engrained with while living life. That is why I would say that there is an additional element not listed here. Surrounding yourself with people that will believe in you and encourage you….no matter how crazy your ideas may be. These people will also alert to blind spots that you may have so that you don’t get into trouble. But, they won’t put you down and try to stifle your creativity.
    Your sons are very blessed to have you in their lives. To have a Mom that does not limit them and sees their potential. You are preparing them to live very fruitful enriched lives that will continue to demonstrate returns for generations to come. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. If more affluent parents took your lead we would not read about some “rich” kids getting into the senseless trouble that they get into.
    I have one question for you though Tammy; when will we be reading articles from your sons? We hear about them all of the time. You ought to give them a voice to express their views, if they want to.


  2. I agree it’s great to encourage your kids to give back. I teach my son about tithing and donating toys and things to other families and why we do it–not for earthly glory or to get anything in return or even to make us happy, but because that is what God wants us to do–give genuinely from the heart. Great post!


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