Words Are Currency: Why an Adventurous Corporate Message is a Winning Corporate Message

Words are currency.

Smart companies know it.

And so do the individuals who brand themselves by appealing to the deepest desires of the human spirit.

Companies that inspire and encourage – are the winners in today’s market. Here’s an example of how it works.


Scroll through any of these Reebok Spartan Race ads and you can’t help but be inspired! They make me want to go outside right now, even though I’m still in my pajamas, and leap over the car.

So in an instant, with an image and a message, Reebok has captured my attention. Why? Because instead of picturing a shoe or a product, they’re delivering a story and a promise.

This is what I do. Create the promise and deliver that to the audience. Because anyone can make a shoe. But not anyone can give you adventure. And adventure is what we all want more of.


It’s about inspiring people to see that they can do anything, be anything, and achieve much more than they ever envisioned before.

The old days of providing just a good product are over.

Starbucks proved that along time ago.

It’s about the experience, and the story.

Today it’s the storytellers that win.

I spend a lot of my time refining business messages that will set organizations apart. A message and a story that will catapult them to the leader in their industry.

If you have a company, you had better also have an authentic amazing story to go along with it. Today the consumer wants reality and authenticity. Be as real as you want.

The author of Harry Potter did, making sure that she told her story about being a poor single mom and writing her book. It was a story that people liked and related to. It was a story that had struggle.

Apple encouraged us to think differently. Isn’t it refreshing?

When I go into an organization and talk about how to use words to build influence and relationships with prospective clients, and internally amongst teams, it’s about these three things.

  1. Be real (now more than ever)
  2. Appeal to people’s desire for adventure and freedom and it will set you apart
  3. Use vibrant images and words that are congruent


This one simple Reebok image offers four short sentences. More dirt. More fun. More sweat. Less couch!

Use shorter sentences, to create velocity.

When I look at this image it’s all I need to know to get inspired. And guess what? I never wore Reeboks before, until they started their Spartan Race campaign. I had never even tried them. That’s because I had associated Reebok with a different type of person than I am, and I was wrong.

But it was the adventure campaign that got me to try them in the first place. When Reebok asked me to write about their products, I decided to go all in and test them out. But the product probably would not resonate with my soul, if it wasn’t presented this way. I love adventure.

Reeboks message is right on target and yours should be too.


3 thoughts on “Words Are Currency: Why an Adventurous Corporate Message is a Winning Corporate Message

  1. This very true Tammy. Take for instance the company that I work for. Our function basically comes down to that we put a bunch of people into an aluminum tube and transport them safely to their destination. Boring!!! Not! With us the story is what wacky thing the flight crew did during the flight or how a crewmember or a ground Employee went out of their way to help someone out in a bad situation. In fact, it has gotten to where I tell someone who I work for I wonder what kind of story they are going to tell me about their experience flying us (almost everyone tells me one). As a result, our ads try to let customer know what a good time they will have with us while getting to their destination for the best price and with the best customer service.
    In fact, our main founder once said that we are actually a customer service company that happens to be in the airline business.
    To your example Tammy, you are correct, the stories that Reebok tells inspire people, like a leader does, to take action.
    So, did they inspire you enough to where you can really make it over a Hummer?! 🙂


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