Escape: Why Building in Downtime is Critical to Your Success in this New Year


What’s your escape?

Whether you know it or not, you probably already have one.

It doesn’t have to be risky or even adventurous or fun. I mean usually it is, and for an adventure junkie like me escape can mean a variety of things from travel to danger, to riding motorcycles – but it doesn’t have to be about that.

Escape can be simple.

But it is absolutely one of the most important things you will ever do for your life, your relationships, and your business.

You may have heard the quote, if you have to escape, maybe it’s time for you to build a life that you do not want to escape from. And it’s absolutely true. But even the best of lives requires some sort of energy, downtime, or escape experience, that breathe new life into your soul.

This is especially important for entrepreneurs, and women who are juggling 10 million tasks at once.

When one of my clients came up with the word Mobilepreneur to describe their family and business goals, we decided to make it a book. Another client trademarked the term Impactpreneur. And when you combine these two concepts, I believe it perfectly describes my life goals and how each one of us can all work, live, give, and make an impact in the lives of others.


“Travel is critical for my mind and business!” – Tony Jeary, CEO Coach and Strategist


Escape should be part of your 2015 life and business plan. Build it in to your visioning.

It is the one trait that highly successful people share. The ability to work hard, and play hard. In fact, the common trait among world changers is that they are not stressed, they view their work as fun, and they view any failures or obstacles as an adventure that they learn from and move on from.

Escape can be the thing that makes you feel good. The thing that takes your mind off of stress or allows you to relax. Sometimes people have healthy escapes and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about eating or drinking or television as if that’s their escape.

What’s yours?

Let’s be intentional about escape in 2015.

Reebok asked me to blog for them about their shoes, because I love to run and I love to write about escape. I didn’t realize until 10 years in to writing books, that all of that sitting down and writing, would create a biological need to do the opposite.

After a decade of books, it became apparent to me that too much writing would cause me to descend deep into my soul.

And that’s not always healthy. Too much thinking and introspection is not good for anyone.

Escape is critical for a writer.

But I believe the adrenaline that comes with it is also important for each one of us. The key is to find healthy escapes. Something legit to get your mind and your body moving. And another aspect of the escape involves your mind, your thought life, and your soul. Think about how you can incorporate escape into your wellness this year. You won’t be sorry that you did, and you’ll find that you are even more productive in your business life.


Here are 3 ways:

#1: Put an escape date on the calendar: Pick one day a month (or week!) for a legitimate escape. Make it something that you normally do not do in your every day week. The trail hike, a walk through the woods, or a trip to the lake. Bring your work with you if you want, but change your scenery. Escape. It will spark creativity you never knew you had.

#2. Incorporate motion to spark your adrenaline and get your circulation going: Plan a physical escape beyond just your normal every day workout. It might be a zip line adventure, or it might be going to a local trampoline park, or it might just be buying a scooter or skateboard or going ice-skating. Do something radical and incorporate momentum into your life. Movement and adrenaline creates endorphins. If you sit at your computer for any length of the time, you definitely need to escape. It’s not just about gaining weight when we are sedentary, it’s about our mindset to. When we sit around all the time and just look at our computer screen, text, write, or make money, we aren’t investing in our physical health.

#3. Escape your normal mindset by spending one day a month with someone totally opposite from you, who you want to learn from: I’m really good at investing in others, but I’m not so good at getting out and creating movement. And that’s a good problem to have. It’s because I’m truly passionate about my work. I love creating, I love writing, and it seems like my ideas are multiplying by the minute. If you looked at my whiteboard wall, you would see that I have 10 books on the back burner ready to burst.

Just as important as downloading everything in my soul, on the written page, is what’s going on inside of my physical body. I though to create healthy escapes for myself and others. And I inspire and encourage you to as well.

What does that look like for you in 2015?


5 thoughts on “Escape: Why Building in Downtime is Critical to Your Success in this New Year

  1. Very good article Tammy. While reading this article I was thinking about how what you are saying like when you are mixing batter for a cake. You will get a pattern to your movement because it is easy. However, if you continue in that same pattern you will leave out some of the ingredients from the mixing process. If you don’t change up your pattern when you go to put the batter into the pan there will clumps of dry cake mix in the pan. That will not make for a very good end result.
    I am in the process of trying my hand at writing. Yesterday I was trying to make some progress and seemed stuck. So, I got up and went to see a movie at the dollar movie complex. It turns out that the whole setting for the movie opened up new ideas for my writing.
    So, yes, escaping to something new periodically will help us get that unmixed cake batter out of the corners of our mind and help us to get end result that we are looking for.

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  2. Hello Tammy,

    In this post you have revealed an important tool that I employ frequently. I don’t know about you but I learned this the hard way. It is too easy to become completely absorbed in an endeavor, and whether it be writing, making music or whatever, there comes a time when one must take a step back and get away from it. I find that this not only helps me to keep the proper perspective, it also helps to foster new ideas and inspiration.

    I love that you included “motion” in this post. I think this is especially important for those who creative outlet is primarily “brain centered”. Our mind and body are connected and one cannot function to its full potential without the other. Many times, when I am writing, I get to a point where I am so deep in the story that I get lost, or maybe even hit a wall. If I stop, get up and knock out some push ups or something physical it not only benefits my body, it rejuvenates my mind!

    Thanks for the great post!


  3. My escape is eating (which I have to do many times throughout the day anyway) if I have to choose something, but I need to find a good escape because I don’t tend to give myself breaks.


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