Part of the adventure of life is overcoming adversity. Sometimes you just have to pick up the broken pieces and move on. But make sure you don’t carry them with you.

One of my favorite clients is a young rock star (literally) who decided to write a novel about her experience on tour. You’d think that a singer with an album, and long legs and beautiful supermodel good looks, would have it all. And she does. But the book process was healing for her, as it gave her an opportunity to write about things that had happened in the past.

This is the book cover she created for book number two, broken pieces. I think it’s amazing. One of her gifts is being crafty. Definitely not a gift I possess.

What’s your gift?

Check the baggage in your mind, heart, and past, and let it go. It’s the only way you are going to be able to allow your gifts to come to light. Even if you have gifts, but you’re still hanging onto adversity from the past, your gifts cannot be fully realized. My message today is simple. Overcome adversity.


Don’t remind yourself of it and don’t allow it to be a part of your life today.


Take actions on your dream and claim it.

The image of the clouds might look pretty, but it represents adversity that was unexpected in our lives. We were just about to close on the dream cabin in Colorado when a wildfire rolled in. I didn’t stop to think about it for long, it took me about five minutes to decide to escape. Sometimes adversity comes when you least expect it, what you gotta keep on moving. Don’t linger.


In order to overcome adversity you got to be willing to run fast towards your future and your gifts. Sometimes it means the death of a dream in order to create a new one.


9 thoughts on “Adversity

  1. Tammy, you talk about picking up the pieces but not to carry them with you in this article. What that says to me is “don’t make a mess and just leave it for someone else to clean up.” In other words, yes, there may have been a problem in your life but don’t leave broken hearts, spirits, etc, in your wake. Try to make theings right as best you can and then move on. You can only do so much. If you dwell on it too long you will just get sucked right back into the problem again. I will say this, do carry lessons learned from the adversity. That is one positive that you can take with you. However, leave the negative feelings and thoughts behind.


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