Invest: How Your Words Will Change Lives This Year


I’m going to challenge you to really push the limits on investing this year. You’re going to invest in others, and invest in yourselves in ways you never imagined.

What if I told you that by doing this, you will invest twice as much as you ever have before and you will earn twice as much as you ever had before? I know this to be true.

One of the world changers I work with gives away 20,000 books a year.

He sells a lot more than that and he’s a multimillionaire. But when you meet him that’s not the first thing that you see. When you meet him you notice how he gives a high-level view of peoples lives and businesses that helps them strategize their future, and put together the pieces of the puzzle perfectly. He’s a world changer, and he is the coach to many successful CEOs. Aside from that, he has raised two amazing daughters. Please

Before you think that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, let me set the record straight. He was bankrupt, when he decided to change his life. He became a speaker, and today he gives away 20,000 books a year. I learned from him. He is one of my early mentors. I think that the big man upstairs must know that I needed a lot more babysitting then other people, because I was a little rebellious, but a lot of great people have been placed in my life. And now today, it’s the same way with you. If this wild stallion can be tamed, or at least pointed in the right direction in order to change lives, anyone can.

I’m going to challenge myself to think higher in 2015 about how I can use words each and every day. One goal is to write a love letter a day to my children in 2015. It might seem hard but it’s really not. When you brush your teeth, take a moment to put a notepad in the bathroom and write a simple letter.

Use your words.

Invest in others.


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