Words Are Currency

“I haven’t forgotten about you for thirty years.”

Those words touched my soul.

I got a call today from a girl I don’t know.

This girl said the statement above.

She said she never forgot me because of a moment in a classroom, years ago. I did not remember this moment.

It was in high school.

She said she was poor, and that I talked to her and a guy nearby said;
“Look at her she doesn’t have any friends and she’s trying to make friends with Tammy.”
She said she remembered this forever

She reached out to me today.

She said words are currency. And I showed her how much she was worth.

If there was any good thing from high school it was this.


Words are currency.
Indeed! They are.

I hear these stories from time to time and they touch my life.

Reach out today. You never know how much the little things matter.


2 thoughts on “Words Are Currency

  1. Tammy, this once again shows how the smallest actions (and words) can make the most significant impact in other’s lives. Sometimes I catch myself preparing to say a small praise to someone I don’t know, or barely know, and think, “why bother?” I get ready to move on with my life and then I think, No, this person may need to hear this. So, now I have a new view on such situations. If I think it, then verbalize it. That may be the only kind word that person hears that day, that week, that year!
    Words are currency. They can be possibly be Life as well.

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