What’s Your Prison

What’s your prison?

A woman called and asked me to help her tell her story. I’m used to those calls. But this one was different. "I’m headed to prison," she said. "I live in suburbia and I have two kids. But I’m headed to prison."

When I woke up this morning I thought of her.

Tonight I’ll be in my comfy bed under my down comforter and she won’t. She will wake up in an uncomfortable cement cell surrounded by strangers. She will likely view concertina outside her window, if she has a window, as a reminder that freedom is impossible.

Concertina is the round wire on top of prison walls and fences, and it’s designed to rip your body to shreds should you decide to climb over.

One more layer of separation, between you and the free world.

Last night when we met, I sat on her couch in her elegant estate and talked with her family members. We discussed life and choices and the future. "Look at this as the ultimate journey of growth," I told her, and I encouraged her to try to mentor others on the inside, and to write each day and focus on the words she would want her children to hear and understand. She’s a beautiful blonde and as I looked at her having her last glass of wine, it was hard to imagine her in prison wear doing time.

Some wake up less free than the inmates behind bars.

What’s your prison?

Some wake up today in mansions, but there’s concertina all around. Addiction, abuse, bad habits, stress, or a job that’s killing them slowly.

If there’s any reason you’re not free,
Eliminate the dross and escape. If you can’t escape – find lessons for growth.

But more than anything, make a commitment to freedom.

Freedom requires eliminating anything that keeps you in bondage. Be free.


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Prison

  1. Reading the title of this reminds of the question asked by many bartenders of their patrons “What’s your poison?” meaning what drink do they want. That is the way some people seem to live their lives, by choosing which prison they will live in for the day.
    I know I have been guilty of that sometimes in the past. There have been many trials the past few years. However, recently I have had my “Shawshank Redemption” so to speak. I have found ways to break out. Sometimes it does feel like I am crawling through a sewer pipe, but it is a way out.
    That is thing, if someone is in a self made prison, you need to come up with an escape plan. Who knows you may find a Rita Hayworth to help you!

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    • If anything they need Jesus…right, and sometimes in life if we don’t know Him….I pray she will in there. There’s a reason she is in…doesn’t matter if there’s wealth, there’s a reason. Remember, we have a adversary who’s main mission…to destroy. Sad, if she had all those friends around who never ” really took” the time or “discern” what she was going through.

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