20 February, 2015 02:30

I met this little boy.

If you saw him, what would you think or feel?

I didn’t feel sad.
I didn’t question his joy or life and I didn’t feel sorry for him.

Because I saw him,

in the eyes of who he had become.

I met him in his twenties…

And I took my own kids along with him to watch him speak.

We stood backstage, or in the audience, and we often hugged people with him. We went to high schools and stadiums and watched him on stage alongside some of the great leaders of the world. We watched Nick Vujicic change lives.

I watched him fall in love
in my living room,
with my sweet, beautiful friend.

And grow a family …

Imagine the courage, the confidence, the strength.

To take your biggest life challenge,
and turn it into your testimony….

That little boy, with no limits in his mind, speaks to audiences of 700,000, swims, plays golf, kicks all of our butts in soccer, and surfs, sails, and coaches leaders of nations.

What are your limits?

Remember that they’re only in your mind!

Live your dream today.
Be unstoppable.


2 thoughts on “20 February, 2015 02:30

  1. You are right Tammy. I was wondering what it be like to meet him face to face. When I did in your living room it was as if he was like most everyone else. It was no big deal that he did not have limbs like us other than he does not shake hands but hugs instead.
    Meeting him and then hearing him onstage speaking to a crowd you soon realize that he is more powerful than any linebacker on a pro football team. However, he is as nice and personable as can be.
    Good article Tammy!


  2. Nick is quite an amazing man! My husband first showed me his videos years ago and he is an inspiration! My husband is a principal at a high school and frequently shows his students the videos in hopes of inspiring them!

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