Would You Say “Yes” to Media?

Would you say yes to media? Executives, CEOs and writers have to think carefully about it. Not everyone loves public attention. When the Discovery channel called about my book, I flew to Miami to film. Producers set up in a high rise hotel and the topic was crisis management. Would you say yes? Overall the media experience has been fun, for this introvert. This year I’ve said yes to 5 interviews and four conference key notes. You’ve got to be ready to break out and say yes to life enriching moments outside your comfort zone.

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


One thought on “Would You Say “Yes” to Media?

  1. I would have to know the motivation behind the interview. Having been interviewed by newspaper reporters back when I ran for public office I quickly learned that what you think you saying definitely does not come out the same in black and white.
    With your situation though, I would probably tend to say “yes” more often than not. Your books are mostly ones that are meant to help others come to a revelation about themselves. As a result, it would be good to get as much publicity as possible for each of them. Knowing you and that you are definitely an introvert I know it is difficult for you to be in the spotlight. Actually, I am almost surprised that you don’t write under an assumed name! However, I also know that your life purpose is to help others. As a result, you suppress the introvert in order to achieve the higher good.
    If I was in your boat (or in your case, canoe, LOL!) I would usually say yes to the media in order to ultimately spread the word and help others.
    Keep up the good work!


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