I love this image because it says it all.

Be willing to go alone.

Even if you are social, and not a writer like me who loves to be curled up for hours on end in solitude, there are moments when you will have to go it alone. This might mean that you have to come up with a great idea, or solve a problem, or break out of a pattern in order to achieve something great.

Leaders often have to blaze a trail that isn’t there. This is the one thing I want to teach my kids. Know when to reach out and connect, but know when to go it alone. Do not conform to the things of this world, but be transformed instead.

Even if you’re surrounded by positive people, it doesn’t mean they will finish the race strong. Sometimes you just have to keep on going across the finish line whether it is achieving a life goal such as having a family, or whether it starting a new business or even writing a book.

Athletes know that training can be grueling and there’s nobody that can do it but you. At the end of the day it’s just you and your dedication and your body and your strength. And it’s the same way with most things in life. Know when to go it alone. That doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Some of the most successful and joyful people in the world are individuals who create things no one else can build. Take time to contemplate leadership and solitude.


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