There is one magnificent image that come to mind when I think about transformation.


When I was in college I made a bet with my best friend that I would pay her $100 if I ever had kids. It was not in my game plan.

Today I have two amazing children that rule my life, tell me what to do, give me phenomenal life lessons, make me breakfast in bed, and keep me aligned with my goals. But my goals are very different today than they used to be.

After college I was completely focused on a successful career. But along the way, I had a crossroads moment.

It was one of those moments where after I had achieved so much success, I started longing for more. In an instant I realized I needed to change my life in order to have a different life.

I was a corporate executive running around the globe wearing suits and high heels. But one day I suddenly realized that I wanted a job that could change the world. I wanted career that was more than a job, so I started to write books and use words to change lives. I did not know what that looked like. And it scared me to think of giving up my amazing career in aviation.

When I look back at the transformation, I realize that I don’t look anything like I used to look.

Now, I’m writing this in my pajamas, (and its 3 o’clock.) I know, nothing to brag about, but before, I had my hair pulled back in a bun, and I wore conservative corporate suits daily as I met with CEOs in their offices around conference tables. Today when I meet with executives it’s likely I will have streaks of pink or blue in my hair, wear jeans, and it’s possible I’ll have one of my kids with me.

I have loosened up a lot and life is a crazy adventure.

But transformation never could have occurred if I wasn’t willing to let go of the life that I had.



One thought on “Transformation

  1. Food for thought Tammy. I also just read a devotional about us having to admit we are the center of the problem if we want to change our lives.
    So it goes with transformation. We have to identify who we are and what we want to be transformed into. Without we can’t initiate change.


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