29 April, 2015 11:27


Clarity precedes action.

In order to have the life intended, it’s important to eliminate confusion.

In life you’ll have a myriad of choices.

In order to make the best decision, you need clarity about which path to take even if you don’t have evidence.

How do you get clarity? Listen.

When I saw this image it was a reminder to remind you.

A year ago my boy asked me to get rid of my Ducati motorcycle and I did. He had a sense something bad would happen. I did it out of respect.

If we don’t listen – to our children – why would they listen to us?

Notice the boot in the right hand corner. It’s a horribly sad news photo and when I saw it I thought of her family. (Or his). That’s my boot. The black safety boots ones I wore. Only mine are on the floor of my closet as a reminder, everyday, of what I gave up.

That Ducati was an escape that made my heart happy. But the season had changed. That last lap on the bike around the racetrack was filled with questions. Did I own it for the right reasons? Was it conducive to my goals of raising warriors and walking them down the aisle? Was I committed enough to putting the time in to get good enough to stay alive?

Learning the technical aspects of operating a racing motorcycle is like learning how to write a book. It takes time. Dedication. Commitment. And there are specific technical standards that you have to know because publishers require it.

But I also had a sense of knowing that my season on that bike had ended. It was a weird sensation. No evidence, just a discernment in my spirit.

For me this image is a reminder to listen. And I share it with you not to make you sad, but to ignite contemplation. And maybe even to save your life.

This isn’t about motorcycles.
It’s about having clarity – every step of the way.

Grab hold of the adventure. But don’t forget to stop, and listen. Ask: Is this the path I’m intended to be on? Is this relationship, job, motorcycle, fill in the blank – meant for me?

Know where you’re supposed to be.
This is the first step to a supernatural life.

If you lack clarity, hit pause.
Are you on your own adventure, or someone else’s?


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One thought on “29 April, 2015 11:27

  1. You are correct Tammy, this is not just about riding a high performance bike. It is about flying, it is about driving high performance cars, it is about the job you do every day that you love, it is about relationships you are in or want to be in.
    If you do not have the focus and clarity needed for each of these things you will fail at them…these failures can have devastating consequences. Those consequences may even be death, your own or someone else’s.
    If your lack of focus and clarity means giving up something you truly love, like a black Ducati Street Fighter, then you need to do it for a greater purpose. Know when your time has passed.


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