2 May, 2015 13:26

Words are currency
and the man in the Orange shirt

In the photo I’m wearing my fathers watch.

He died from a lack of hope when I was 7 and it’s the one thing I have that was his. I wore it on this day to signify hopelessness, as we journeyed downtown to deliver hope.

When I saw this photo of the man in the orange shirt, after our day on the streets with the homeless, I felt 7 again. I see the hopelessness in this mans eyes. I see my father, I see friends and strangers, I see someone’s mother or grandfather. Hope is essential to life.

Without hope, we can see no future.

It makes me sick inside to look at this photo and I cannot stay in that emotion for too long.

If I do, I’ll become what I once was. Someone stuck in the past, unable to experience the full joy of the present.

There are children to feed, sporting events to watch, lessons to teach, and a magnificent world to experience.

We can help change lives, but not if we lose our own.

Many of the homeless get stuck in looking back. They end up on the street because they cannot move past the loss, guilt, or a broken relationship, to envision hope.

I brought a team downtown Dallas on this day and in our hands we have nothing but words.

We do not serve them a pizza, or a meal, but we serve them words. Specific words that were designed just for them individually.
You matter.
You’re beautiful.
Rise up.
The time is now.
Never give up.

The same words are important for anyone, even the rich man who is homeless in his heart.

Look in the man’s eyes again, and you’ll see that homelessness is not about a lack of food or poverty. Homelessness originates from poverty in the soul.

Words are Currency. Write down your most profound thoughts and join us in the words matter campaign today. Please keep notecards in your car, in your purse, in your back pocket.

Be prepared to deliver these cards whenever you see someone in need of hope. It does not require much effort, it does not even require a conversation, you can hand out the note card and go on about your day.

Use your words, and change a life.


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One thought on “2 May, 2015 13:26

  1. This was an enriching event Tammy. I am glad to be a part of your team. I know that this is an important part of your life.
    I hope that we can have as big of an impact on these people’s lives as they need in order to give them hope and to keep on reaching for new lives.
    Thank you for all you do Tammy!


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