26 May, 2015 06:27


Warrior: I love the breakdown of the word.

War. I. or.

(Or what?)

If you break down the word, you see War first, which is what life sometimes feels like. There are times you war for your soul, your family, your relationships. And, you. When your health and fitness takes a backseat – nothing else feels right.

Or what? The or in the word warrior,
is a reminder of what we don’t want to happen when we are not taking our rightful position as a warrior.


I recently started back running the trail after a car accident on a mountain, a torn sartorious, (Google it) a year of injury, and ten pounds gained.

Today I was inspired by the Reebok spartan race series. How can you not feel like a warrior when you see a poster like this?

I dusted off my first pair of Reebok trail shoes ever – the ones that replaced my old running shoe that I shalt not name – and fell in love again.

Is it time to get your inner Warrior back?

I always say there are 3 simple steps to doing it.
1. Lace up
2. Set a big goal
3. Move every day

By lace up, I mean, buy yourself some cool shoes. I find that when I invest in the gear, I’m committed to the process. Get the gear you want, and lace up everyday.

One great goal is a race. Go to www.spartan.com enter the code Memorial –

and join me in signing up for a race. Save the date, print the information sheet, and tape it to your refrigerator.

There’s nothing like a big goal to get you in shape for summer, and Spartan has a big Memorial Day discount. I’m on a mission to get stronger and fitter. For me the I in warrior, means I only have to compete with myself.


One thought on “26 May, 2015 06:27

  1. Tammy, that is an interesting breakdown of the word warrior. I had not thought of it that way before.
    Also, you are correct about getting the right equipment when running or for any task for that matter. The right equipment can make a task easier and more pleasant to take on. I know when doing work on cars that a quality set of tools can make all of the difference in the world. In the same way a proper pair of shoes can make running more enjoyable and possibly prevent injury.
    I will have check out and see if there are an equivalent shoe for men.


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