8 February, 2016 00:20

Two things you and lady Gaga have in common

All it took was 60 seconds for Lady Gaga to change her image. In one moment she went from The crazy train to elegance and beauty.

It wasn’t just her looks, either.

It was her poise, and the way she belted out the song before Super Bowl. It was the way she still kept her authentic beauty. She changed her image in one moment and guess what, she’s not a sellout.

With sparkly red eyeshadow and glittery nails, she added those unique touches that only she can do.

But she just increased her engagement requests, new media opportunities and street credibility – and opened many other doors.

Her performance reminded me of the new culture we are creating at my company, OnFire Books. Www.onfirebookswritingcompany.com

We had gotten a little too far with the freedom-based model maintaining that we were writers, and now we’ve shifted to a culture of elegance, in conjunction with the Ritz Carlton leadership training program. We have a new dress code and it involves pantsuits exactly like Lady Gaga wore. Our leaders will go to the Ritz Carlton excellence program. At first I was concerned that the pantsuits might be a throwback to the 80s. Let’s just say that today, any concern has vanished. Pantsuits are hip. The new thing.

Her performance reminds me that we all have two things in common with Lady Gaga.

Number one, you can change your image if you want to. See it claim it, be it.

Number two, might just get you a lot further to elevate your personal brand than you already are.

In what ways could you elevate yourself as a speaker, author, parent, or entrepreneur? If you’re not sure please ask us. We coach world changers through the 1% program through it every day. What does it mean to be a 1% er?

It means you can build a personal image and authentic lifestyle that sets you apart as a leader who changes lives.


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