5 September, 2016 05:00

What’s the Buzz: about The Conversation?
(And Why you may never get a glimpse inside the most coveted event in the world.)

On September 23rd in a mythical forest lit up with mysterious blue lights, and ethereal music sung by angels, 100 world changers gather.

Not 1,000, and not 101, but 100.
NFL players, Nba players, legends, CEOs and other world changers.

If you’re lucky enough to be chosen as 1 of the 100, it will feel as if you have just been invited to Richard Branson’s Necker island, and you’re not sure why. But the event organizers are very sure. The committee that selects the attendees of The Conversation does its due diligence often a year in advance, tapping attendees based on one major requirement: you must be a world changer. And for that reason, even members of the prestigious Tiger 21 or EOY may not ever arrive, at The Conversation.

The Conversation is about legacy. It’s a convergence of a mastermind organization of high achieving influencers, only with a purpose. You cannot get in unless you’re focused on building a legacy. The best word to define it would be Impactpreneur. this word, invented by Hamad Shabazi, Ceo of TIO networks, brilliantly defines the entrepreneur who also has a business model centered on making an impact.

People like Samuel Bistrian, the Romanian Ceo of Roma boots, a company that gives back artistically beautiful works of art rubber rain boots to orphans. Thousands of orphans, refugees, and underprivileged kids who never had shoes now wear his boots all across the world.

So what do these world changers do at The Conversation?

They talk. Face to face, no cellphones, and no social media, the way the greats like Einstein, Henry Ford, Jesus, Napoleon Hill, Mother Teresa, and many other brilliant minds first created great ideas and businesses.

The Conversation is an exclusive, invitation only mastermind set around 4 specific circles in a forest. Due to the high profile attendees, the event is not publicized like other major events, and not promoted, except to say that some are 1 of the 100.

There’s golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez, Who was tapped for the event not because of his brilliance as a legend – literally the Mohammed Ali of golf – but for his passion and action giving back to orphans. Then there’s Jennifer Macalister who survived the Boston marathon bombing, almost getting blown up herself at the finish line, and yet now lives to tell the world about how and why it’s important to discover your life’s purpose.

There’s Stephanie Breedlove, who recently sold her startup for $55 million to care.com and first developed the tenacity to never give up as a college student, when a girl in her dorm stopped breathing. Stephanie performed CPR amidst the hysteria when no one else would – and didn’t stop even though her fellow student had passed away.

The focus and determination to save lives is what drives every member of The Conversation. And this is what makes it unique.
You cannot buy your way into The Conversation. You cannot even apply. Other advisory board groups are somewhat exclusive, however if your family name or business is big enough you’re in. That’s not the deal here. The Conversation committee turned down the Trump campaign request to attend because politics is not what it’s all about. The focus is on equipping influencers that change the world.

You can ask a friend, an existing member, or ping the website for information to express interest, but the only way to gain access is to become a world changer yourself. Now that’s a goal worth striving for.


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OnFire Books


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