Hope. and Fear.

What keeps you up at night?

I often feel like 2 completely different people.

During the day my name could be hope. With the rise of the sun I feel inspired and ready to inspire others. There’s no hint of fear, only possibility.

I counsel others to step off their ledge of fear into the field of joy! I field text messages, from suicidal girls, and homeless moms, who later tell me I saved their life. I teach how words are Currency and how it’s important to say the right ones to yourself.

Yet in the 3am darkness, I awake with worry, dormant fears, and a flood of concern. I feel like an opposite version of who I am. I become the human I coach. My joy stolen. I think of my kids, my parents, myself, and I wonder how I’ll take care of them all. I think of the flaws of ancestors, determined to overcome them.

“You are not your ancestors,” I hear myself say. Don’t live in fear and emotion.

“Old pain is an anchor,” I hear myself say, the same words I wrote years ago in the book The Compass.

I learn to talk myself over whatever perceived fears exist in the night and I get up, read something positive, pray, workout, get those endorphins going.

When you’re feeling hesitant, fearful or anxious – do. Don’t get stuck in toxic thoughts, or emotion. Get up and do.

I’ve learned that anything you’ve gone through in the past will prepare you for your future!

Step by step the experiences of our lives, help us get through the experiences of our lives.

Every day is a guaranteed sunrise again.

You may feel fear, but you are not fear.

I love signing up for trail runs because it offers hope. I can envision the moment, the dirt, the trees and the fresh air as I run like a child, with friends joining along. I will have to train in advance, getting endorphins and momentum and circulation and all the effects that come with the goal.

When you have a big goal, regardless of what it is, you have big hope. Set a big goal and aim for it. Each and everyday you’ll have to take a step towards it.

Chi Chi Rodriguez told me that you cannot have courage without fear. If you feel fearful accept it as a part of life and move on, courageously.

Focus on hope! You can do it, warrior. And I’m right here with you.

To your legacy,


Tammy Kling
OnFire Books Leadership Company

We equip world-changers

Tammy Kling TEDx Talk “Words are currency”

As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


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