The Adventure Girl

I am an international author of 29 books and a literary coach to the world’s leading CEO’s.  I wrote my first book after a long journey to find my family several years ago. After it was published, I received hundreds of letters and emails from people with questions about my search, some from those embarking on searches of their own. That first book was successful beyond my imagination because it touched so many lives. It was featured on Dateline NBC and a myriad of other shows, but the personal letters I received were what made writing it worthwhile.

While writing is my profession, traveling and experiencing the world is my passion.  Chances are at any given moment I’m running or biking a mountain, trail, or canyon, or fishing a river somewhere across the globe. But I’m always writing, and just an email away.

Escape suburbia is about just what it sounds like: escaping the mundane. The normal. The box.  Join me on the adventure of a lifetime…what are you waiting for?