The Adventure Project

03/14/09 The Adventure Project will appear on the iPhone! Coming soon to an iPhone near you…inspirational messages in the form of a downloadable application.   Check back often for more updates!


9 thoughts on “The Adventure Project

  1. The Time is Now. Tammy and I are thrilled to be working on the Adventure Project to empower you to look inside, develop your talents and experience life.
    People are facing tough times from economic adversity, to career dissapointment and illness.
    Fear and worry take an immense toll on our well being physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. He or she who has a healthy balance has everything. We were not made to worry we are meant to take risks!

    Adventure is the spark that starts everything.
    It’s the fire, the awareness, the awakening of the unconscious. You can’t have an unconscious, unintentional adventure. Think about the greatest time in your life. You were likely fully engaged in a multisensory way without worry, feeling fully alive
    Fear is a handicap.

    We can change your thinking to empower you to have faith in themselves
    Risk helps you grow. Be willing to lose and learn from it
    Be in the present and experience it.
    Today you can look at popular movies like Yes Man or some of the words in the titles of President Obama’s books such as :”Dream”, “Change”, Hope”.
    Everyone can have a life like of abundance, prosperity, peace, joy and blessings like Tammy and I do. We are committed to helping you find the balance.

    Tammy and I believe miracles will happen from the Adventure Project. The Time is Now for you to take the leading role in your life!

    Continue to tune in for updates including the books and coaching.

    Seize the day!


  2. Hi Tammy with you already being familiar with my story.. Me being a survivor fo two medical mistakes and one misdiagnoses I would truly love to be apart of the adventure project.. What a wonderful website you have .. Your are a true “Angel”


    Julie Comeau


  3. Tammy, What a wonderful video. You are so right, many of us have nametags for what we do not who we are.
    I agree that many of us deserve adventure and the time is now to do something about it.

    Keep up the great greatness!

    Joe Kasper


  4. The Adventure Project is brilliant. I am a motivational speaker in the UK who travels across Europe in the hope of inspiring communities to take action to prevent anti social behaviour.
    I have just read the Compass and it reinforces my philosophy. It is what we are that matters, it is being true to ourselves, it is having courage and faith in our ability and not being swayed by popular opinion.
    I read the Compass at a time when despite winning many awards for my work, there are those within the education authority who would like me to give accredited training to young people because it is highly valued yet insist that I must first attend a teacher training course to obtain a qualification in something I have been doing for twenty years.
    Do I acquiesce or remain true to my belief that the student is best placed to judge the quality of the mentor?
    I have decided to listen to my heart – I dream, act then believe that all will turn out just fine. This has been my guiding light for most of my life and it has served me well.
    I live life instinctively and instictively the Adventure Project feels right.
    Kind regards,
    Gary Brown MBE
    Founder of Knight School


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