The Compass

The Compass is the story of our individual adventure through life, with all of it’s peaks and valleys.

Buy your copy today of the book that is changing lives across the world.


18 thoughts on “The Compass

  1. i really enjoyed the book!! ­čÖé

    drawn to you bought it from borders. picked it up to read when i felt lost.

    now i feel good. ­čÖé

    thanks for writing!


  2. Mrs Kling,

    I have just finished to read your book, The Compass, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. In Portuguese (I am from Brazil), it has the title: ” A b├║ssula da felicidade”. A direct translation could be: “The happiness compass”. I didn’t buy The Compass, a friend of mine had given it to me as a birthday present.
    I’m not an expert or an intellectual. I’m just a simple guy, but I really want to congratulate you on your book. I’m sure that this book is able to change lives.

    Gilmar C. Neves

    PS: Forgive me for my English. I’m still an English student.


    • Thanks Gilmar, for writing. The best part of being an author is the feedback I get from people who say The Compass has changed their life. I write out of life experience, in hopes of saving lives. Suicide prevention is a big focus for me.

      Blessings to you!


  3. Tammy sou do Brasil e me emocionei muito ao ler seu livro (A b├║ssola da felicidade),me fez querer saber quem sou eu?Obrigada pela linda hist├│ria que me levou a querer construir novos sonhos. Deus te aben├ž├Áe…


  4. Ma’am,

    I never do this, but thought it to be worthy after reading your book. After returning from Iraq, I struggled with PTSD (unknowingly) and I am 27 and divorced as a result. Currently in Afghanistan, I picked up your book on a random trip to our MWR library and wanted to thank you. I do not believe in luck or coincidence and I truly believe that your book was placed into my hands for a reason. As a Senior Sniper and Sniper Team Leader, my sole purpose here in a combat zone, forces me to forget about the little things in life and those relationships that I hold dear become bland and hollow. After reading your book, I immediately called my fiance. She worriedly questioned why I was calling her at 3:40 in the morning and was relieved to hear that I only needed to hear her voice and let her know that I loved her. Your book has brought me to a new place, even amidst combat. My outlook is no longer short term and finite. I can honestly say for the first time since 2007, that I am ready to see what life has in store for my fiance and I. I had to laugh to myself this morning as I replaced the batteries in my Garmin. It blinked, “Recalibrate the compass. Press enter.” I’ve re-calibrated my compass.

    Thank you,

    Pagan 4-1
    Combat Outpost Xio Haq, Afghanistan


    • That’s really cool Steven. I sent books to troops through Operation Gratitude. I’m so glad to see that they reached you. The Compass was so much from God straight to the reader. I had little to so with it, and was just a conduit. I didn’t even understand a lot of it like the character Solomon, who I love. He wasn’t my creation. The book took on a life of it’s own.
      So if it spoke to your life, it was meant to. Glad to hear you’ve recalibrated your compass! 2012 is going to be a great year. We don’t have to see around the corner. We only have to have faith and know that the road is there.


  5. As a self-help book and reading entertainment, this book does the job, so I read it relatively quickly, in other words it is a narrative that traps and not very elaborate; thing that had happened to me with books this type of genre that I read earlier (Fish and Alchemist). But as I say the other thing, I think we have to keep our feet on the ground before the craziness that is told in the book as a factor of searching, I buy it perfect, but that of leaving work, family, I go to all the world to wander haphazardly, in my case there is a long distance to cross before making such feats.


    • Raphael
      Thank you so much for writing about the book. None of us should endeavor to escape the reality and duty placed before us. It’s in that where the hidden gem of life is found. So we should not have to abandon life like Johnathan did. However, in my work with the homeless on the streets, and gang members, I see thousands of lost and broken men who have done just that. Some have left while families behind. Most, have children in another place who do not know where they are. This story is one of loss but also of finding yourself again. It’s about the messengers in your life – who you meet that put you back on the path God intended. Sometimes that’s all one needs to have new life, is a word from a stranger.


  6. Quien ha pasado por situaciones similares y sufrido etapas depresivas, podrá comprender el contenido de este libro que refleja la la conducta de los actores. Hay veces que establecer distancias geográficas no solucionan el problema ni tampoco permanecer atado al lugar donde fue creado. Sin embargo, dejando aparte todo aquello que una vez significó progreso en nivel social, enfrentando el presente y la realidad, logran ofrecer lo mas dificil del ser humano, pedir perdón y saber perdonar.sin olvidar las enseñanzas que recibieron individualmente durante su separación.
    Para releer y asimilar el contenido de este brillante libro.


  7. muy bueno el libro ,en estos dias donde el aturdimiento de las fiestas .vacaciones ,decidi buscar mi silencio dentro de la lectura la cual LA BRUJULA fue mi compa├▒ia .gracias bendiciones …HAY MAGIA EN LAS COSAS CORRIENTES


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